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Title: 從數學閱讀特殊技能看兒童數學閱讀的困難與突破
Other Titles: Issues on Children's Mathematics Text Reading from the Perspective of Mathematics' Content Reading Skills
Authors: 秦麗花
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本文從學科閱讀指導的理論基礎,談數學閱讀指導的內涵,經由實證研究發現,數學閱讀的認知成分,除了一般的語文閱讀理解能力和數學先備知識外,尚包含數學閱讀特殊技能,這技能包括數學圖示理解、數學詞彙理解和作圖程序理解。而不同程度兒童在數學閱讀上有共同的困難,也有獨特的困難,根據這些研究發現,分別就教師教學與文本設計提出具體的建議,以突破兒童數學閱讀理解困難。
The study was based on the theory of reading instruction in different subjects to explore the instruction in reading mathematics text. It was found by empirical study that cognitive components of mathematics reading were not only included of reading comprehension ability and prior knowledge of mathematics but also specific mathematics' content reading skills which were comprehension of mathematical illustration, mathematical symbol and vocabulary, and understanding of math graphing. Moreover, as students read the mathematical text, students of different levels had same difficulties besides individual problems. Based on results, instructive suggestions for teachers' teaching and text design to help students improve their reading comprehension ability were provided.
Other Identifiers: 7EAEC4C5-5A48-66D1-4A9D-33B6A4CFAF52
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