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Title: 美國亞太裔圖書館員的職業選擇:人口統計特徵和描述性分析
Other Titles: Asian/Pacific Islander Librarians Career Choices: Demographics and Descriptive Analysis
Authors: Jianzhong Zhou
Glen Zhou
Allan Zhou
Milan Zhou
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 本文首先回顧自19 世紀50 年代美國亞洲移民的歷史和分析當前美國亞裔/太平洋島民(AAPI)的人口統計。強調美國1965 年的新移民和國籍法案對美國亞太裔人口增長及職業選擇的意義。其次,本文在總結以前有關亞太裔館員的研究之基礎上,對目前亞太裔圖書館員的職業狀態設計和開展全新的電子問卷調查研究。在選取的600 多名亞太裔圖書館員中,91 人完成了職業狀態調查。由此考察和分析美國亞太裔圖書館員職業特徵與影響亞太裔圖書館員職業選擇的相關因素。最後,本文比較1999-2010 年美國亞洲移民和來美的亞洲國際學生與美國授予圖書情報碩士學位中的亞太裔和國際學生數據,以此預測亞太裔館員的未來增長趨勢。比較和分析發現絕大多數國際學生來自亞洲,美國新移民亞裔比例越來越高,但比起其他種族/裔群體,較少的國際學生和美國亞裔學生選擇圖書館員作為一個職業。本文預測未來十年亞太裔館員的增長將低於其他少數群體/裔,亞太裔館員在全美職業館員的比例將減少。
The study first reviews the history of Asian immigrants since 1850s and the significance of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 on current Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders (AAPI) population and demographics in the United States. Then the study summarizes previous research of AAPI librarians and conducts a new survey to inquire the status of AAPI librarians. From 91 completed surveys out of over 600 distributed, the study shows a demographic picture of AAPI librarians and lists factors associated with AAPI librarians’ career choices. In addition, the study compares United States immigration and international student data with MLS conferred by race/ethnicity data in order to predict the future growth of AAPI librarians. The analyses of both data sources show that more international students from Asia are studying in the United States and becoming the United States citizens and residents, but fewer international students and Asian American students, compared with other race/ethnic groups, choose librarianship as a career. At the end, the study predicts the future growth of AAPIlibrarians will be slower compared to other minority groups, and the percentage of AAPI librarians among total credentialed librarians will become lower.
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