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Title: 部落格使用者的資訊行為特徵研究
Other Titles: A Study of Features of Blog Users' Information Behaviors
Authors: 高世樺
Shih-Hua Kao
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 部落格已經成為諸多新科技中最具有影響力的媒體之一,並對於使用者的資訊尋求行為造成影響。本研究整理部落格的相關概念及功能,並以二十位部落格使用者的 訪談結果對部落格上的資訊尋求行為特徵進行描述。研究結果顯示,使用者在部落格的開始動機、連結方式、辨別標準、監看與提取方式等等都展現了十分豐富的行 為特徵,研究並發現:(1)情感聯繫是受訪者經常提及的使用目標,並且這種動機也影響了各種行為特徵;(2) 使用者會依照自我的需求以及所處的情境發展出合適的使用方式,這些新使用方式可能不同於發明者與推廣者所設想的最便於使用的功能;(3) 部落格上的個人經驗是使用者進行資訊尋求的主要原因之一。(4) 豐富而精緻的圖像經常能夠吸引使用者進入部落格。
Blog has already become one of the most influential media among new technologies, and has impacted on users’ information seeking behaviors. This research utilized an interview survey to explore related concepts and unique functions of blog media. Interviews with 20 blog users were completed and analyzed to depict characteristics of information seeking behaviors founded in the use of blogs. The result shows that the users had performed a variety of behavioral features in motivations of using blogs, ways of linking from one blog to another, criteria of identification among blogs, methods of blog monitoring and extracting and so forth. Some major observations were also found during the interviews conducted: (1) emotion connection is frequently mentioned by users as one of their main purposes of using blogs, which can be found in each characteristic of information seeking behaviors; (2) when users use new functions of blog, based on their respective needs and situations they can develop their own strategies and methods, which can be very different from those provided or assumed by inventors and promoters; (3) personal experience shared by bloggers is one of the primary reasons why users employ blogs to find information needed; (4) abundant and delicate images embedded in blogs can always attract users’ attention.
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