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Title: From the Viewpoints of People’s Need of Information and Social Activities to Discuss the Difference and Similarity between Public Library and Internet
Other Titles: 由資訊與社交活動需求探討公共圖書館與網路服務的異同
Authors: 葉乃靜
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 本文旨在探討公共圖書館與網路服務的異同,尤其關注web 2.0 網站。基於網路的受歡迎,引發作者試圖由網路服務尋找對公共圖書館服務之啟發動機。本文採用比較研究法的精神,了解公共圖書館與網路服務的差異,再找出可 能對提升公共圖書館服務的歡迎度有助益的策略建議。本文進行比較研究的基礎如下:日常生活的特徵、民眾對資訊和社會互動的基礎、公共圖書館與網路提供之資 源的類型。文末建議,公共圖書館可以審視讀者認知的資訊,及其如何被應用於日常生活,再由此思考公共圖書館的可行作法。
This paper aims to discuss the difference and the similarities between the public library and the Internet service, especially focused on web 2.0 websites, and discovered some helpful techniques from the Internet, which could be derived to develop the system used in the public library. This study applied comparative research method to elicit the difference between the public library and Internet service. Based on the following viewpoints, the characteristics of people’s daily life, people’s needs for information and social interaction, and types of resources, this paper elucidated the difference between public libraries and Internet service. This paper suggests that the public library could examine the information defined by the user and know its application in daily life to recognize its method of application in service designs.
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