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Title: Building and Sustaining Digital Repositories in Support of Global Information Access and Collaboration
Authors: Samson Soong
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 近年來大學數位化資源庫的發展引人注目,這些數位化資源庫展現了全球合作的新模式──圖書館不再僅僅是為其本地的讀者服務,而是置身於信息存取和保存的全球合作網路之中。在建構效用不同、內容各異的數位化資源庫的過程中,圖書館要應付種種難題,包括:易於存取、認證可靠、成長穩定、支援充足、以及運作持久等。本文旨在介紹香港科技大學圖書館在籌建、實施與維護數位化資源庫,使其使用者能夠有效地存取教學、研究或其他活動所需要的數位化信息內容,並努力增進其在全球分散式資源庫網路中的持久性和互動性之經驗
Institution-based repositories of digital content have developed remarkably in recent years. These digital repositories represent an emerging framework of global cooperation in which libraries move beyond serving their local communities and participate in a global network for cooperative information access and preservation. Developing digital repositories with different purposes and dissimilar contents, challenges librarians with issues of easy access, reliable authentication, steady growth, adequate support, and long-term sustainability. This article intends to share the HKUST Library’s experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining purpose-driven digital repositories with the goal of providing users effective access to digital content for teaching, research, or other purposes; while at the same time promoting its sustainability and interoperability in a global network of distributed repositories.
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