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Title: 資訊檢索互動讀者詢問行為研究
Other Titles: Patron Elicitation Behavior in IR Interaction
Authors: 吳美美
Mei-Mei Wu
Ying-Hsang Liu
Hsing-Jung Chiang
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 讀者到資訊系統(包括實體及虛擬圖書館)詢問相關資訊,表達某種程度的資訊需求,系統理應理解讀者的資訊需求,提供合適的資訊給讀者。但是這個資訊檢索的理想陳述和現實狀況相去甚遠,檢索成功與否如買彩卷,運氣難料。本研究期望藉助分析讀者在檢索過程中詢問的問題,了解讀者檢索當時的心思想法,檢索過程的心思在言談對於檢索結果是否有影響?本研究的研究問題為:讀者在檢索對話中會詢問什麼問題?如何問法?換言之,詢問語旬的目的、功能及形式分別是什麼?讀者詢問行為和檢索結果、檢索過程滿意度是否有關係?研究方法包括言談分析、內容分析、問卷調查、觀察法、統計法等。研究結果包括解構讀者詢問語句的目的、功能及句法,分別給予編碼定義:其次統計各項類目出現頻率、解釋讀者資訊檢索互動中詢問行為特質、統計分析讀者詢問行為和檢索結果及檢索過程滿意關係。研究結果發現讀者詢問語句目的出現頻率最高的是「資料庫」、詢問語句功能出現頻率最高的是「詢問」、詢問語句形式出現頻率最高的是「非子句問句」、讀者詢問語句的「形式」與「功能」有相關,最常以「疑問詞問句」來「詢問」;讀者詢問語句目的和高低頻詢問行為有顯著差異。
This paper depicts the characteristics of user elicitation during information retrieval interaction. Thirty user-intermediary interaction dialogues were captured and analyzed. Operationalization of definition of elicitation purposes, functions, and forms were provided; and then categorization was conducted. Frequency of each category was calculated. The results show that the most frequently occurred elicitation purpose, function, and form is ‘databases', ‘referential', ‘non-clausal question' respectively. User's elicitation form is statistically correlated to elicitation function; s/he most frequently acquires contextual information (i.e. ‘referential question') in the form of ‘question-word question'. There exists a discrepancy between the high frequency questioners and low frequency questioners in terms of elicitation purposes.
Other Identifiers: 3692AF6C-A600-FCE8-EC1B-DDDA7411297D
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