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Title: 數位學習時代科技大學學生對圖書館服務需求之研究
Other Titles: A Study on Needs for Library Services among Technological University Students in the e-Learning Era
Authors: 于第
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 21 世紀的教育,強調的是一種以學生為中心的終身教育,加上資訊傳播科技( InformationCommunication Technology' 簡稱ICT)及網路通訊的快速發展,自然帶領了新世代的學生進入一個數位學習(e-Learning) 的環境,使數位學習成為本世紀的新趨勢。圖書館在面臨現今這個數位學習時代,到底該提供什麼樣的服務才能符合學生學習的需要?鑑此,本研究針對北部景文科技大學、萬能科技大學及中華科技大學等三所科技大學學生進行問卷調查,於2010 年3 月間發放了1050 份問卷,共回收856 份,其中無效問卷的份,總回收率約為77% 。本研究綜合利用百分比、平均數、T 檢定及ANOVA 檢定等統計分析方法,達成下列三項研究目的: (一)瞭解科技大學學生對圖書館配合學校推動數位學習所應提供的服務需求。(二)解析不同背景學生(包括性別、所屬學科、年級、部別、數位學習經驗等)對圖書館服務需求看法的異同。(三)解析科技大學學生對圖書館在數位學習時代中角色定位的看法。
The rapid development of information communication technology (ICT) and learner-centered instruction has brought students to an e-Learning environment in the 21th century. In the era of e-Learning, what types of information services should university and college libraries provide to meet and satisfy the needs of students? Based on this question, 1,050 questionnaires were distributed to students in March 2010 at three technological universities in the northern Taiwan area, including Jinwen University of Science and Technology, Vanung University, and China University of Science and Technology. In total , 856 students responded; 43 responses were invalid , resulting in an overall response rate of 77 %. Descriptive statistics, mean scores, aT-test, and an ANOVA were used to analyze the results of the survey. The purposes of this study are as follows: (1) to understand student service needs at technological university libraries in an e-Learning era; (2) to compare the different needs for library services among students exhibiting various characteristics such as gender, academic college , year of study, andexperience with e-Learning; and (3) to analyze the role of technological university libraries in the e-Learning era.
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