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Title: The Audacious Vision of Information Schools
Other Titles: ISchools 的創新視野
Authors: Harry Bruce
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 近年來. iSchools 聯盟在北美地區快速成長,已經引起世界各地的注意。資訊科學領域的教育與研究相關學院多以能夠成為iSchools成員為目標。iSchools 的定義是抽象或概括的,根據其意向聲明的框架. iSchools 所關切的是對資訊、科技與人之間的互動。iSchools的成員提供多元的課程、多樣化的學術研究計畫,和跨學科整合的研究範疇。本文藉由三個問題探討iSchools 的相似之處: (1)什麼是Information Schools? (2) 什麼是資訊? (3)在資訊領域中研究者如何研究資訊?iSchools對於未來的資訊教育與研究追求著共同的願景,本文中也將呈現Caucus 成員對於該願景的闡述以及追求願景的歷程。
In recent years the emergence of iSchools in North Americe and the spread of this phenomenon to other parts of the world has attracted a great deal of attention. To be numbered among the iSchools has become an aspirational goal for schools and colleges engaged in information education and research. The definition of an iSchool has remained abstract and neral - relying upon an overarching statement of intent - the study of interactions between information, technology and people. Member iSchools have broad curricular, diverse academic programs and interdisciplinary research enterprises. This paper explores what they have in common by answering three questions: (1) What are Information Schools? (2) What is Information? and (3) How do researchers in the information field study information? The iSchools also sharea vision of the future for information education and research. The process followed by iCaucus members for articulating this vision is described.
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