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Title: 運用主題地圖於資源示意圖之研究
Other Titles: The Study of Using Topic Map in Pathfinde
Authors: 彭于軒
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 圖書館資源示意圖 (Pathfinders) 提供選定主題之館藏資源的介紹和指引,是一項圖書館主動提供知識給讀者的服務。由於紙本和網頁版資源示意圖的服務仍有待改善,且主題地圖 (Topic Maps) 串連主題 (Topics)、關聯 (Association)、資源指引 (Occurrences) 的特性,可說是相當符合資源指引工具之設計,因此本研究乃以中華大學圖書館為研究對象,運用主題地圖建置該館的資源示意圖。本研究首先透過文獻探討以了解 國內外圖書館資源示意圖之格式內容、特色與相關研究,以及主題地圖的歷史發展、工具、使用狀況和在圖書館領域的運用情況。其次,由於研究之初中華大學圖書 館並無現成之網頁版資源示意圖,是以進行系所資源之分類及蒐集、網路連結之查找等工作,以建置網頁版資源示意圖。研究的重點則是將主題地圖運用於資源示意 圖之實作,定義其主題、關聯、資源指引等三元素的型態 (Types) 及內容,稱之為主題地圖資源指引。在工具的選擇方面,則使用免費的主題地圖應用程式編輯器--TM4L。主題地圖資源指引具有提供主題關聯的分類方式、構 想具創意、介面易使用,以及增加相關館藏資源搜尋的便利性等優點。圖書館未來則必須考量此部分之人力配置,將維護主題地圖資源指引視為一長期性之工作,方 能將主題地圖資源指引之功用發揮至淋漓盡致。
By providing introduction and direction for chosen topics, pathfinders can actively help users. Due to the drawback of paper-based and HTML-based pathfinders, this research aims at designing a new style of pathfinders by means of Topic Maps, one advantage of which lies in integrating the characteristics of topics, associations and occurrences. In this research, we study the HTML-based pathfinder of Chung Hua University Library and create a new type of pathfinders by using Topic Maps. In order to research into the formats, contents, and features of pathfinders in domestic and overseas libraries, this study started with literature review. Furthermore, this study also discussed the evolution, tools, as well as the utilization of Topic Maps in libraries. However, due to the lack of a HTML-based Pathfinder in the Chung Hua University Library, in the initial stage of this research, a HTML-based pathfinder for the Chung Hua University Library was created. The related tasks for creating this HTML-based pathfinder include, among other things, collecting, classifying, and providing correct Internet access to departmental resources. Then, in order to apply the Topic Map to the Pathfinder, this study defined the types and contents about topics, associations, and occurrences. TM4L, a free tool for Topic Maps, was used to create the Topic Map Pathfinder. A Topic Map Pathfinder has many advantages such as topic assortment, creative conception, easier interface and more facilities to find related collection. In the future, library managers have to allocate adequate humans and to maintain Topic Maps Pathfinders persistently so that the effect of the system can be more significant.
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