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Title: 高職學校評鑑人員評鑑能力與角色之研究
Other Titles: A Study on Competence and Role-playing of Evaluating Committee for Domestic Vocational High Schools
Authors: 徐昊杲
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 近年來,為符應社會對高職教育的要求,並講求績效責任,高職學校已有許多評鑑實務。由於評鑑人員所應具備的能力十分多元與廣泛,因此本研究之目的,即在建立高職學校評鑑人員的評鑑能力清單,並探究高職學校評鑑人員在所需扮演角色中重視的評鑑能力。為達成研究目的,本研究於文獻分析後經30位德懷術專家三回合問卷調查,以建立評鑑人員之評鑑能力內涵。而後為釐清評鑑人員的角色及其對應之能力,除分別召開高職學校行政主管及評鑑委員兩場專家座談會議,以釐清各角色之定義與獲取對研究之建議之外,並編製問卷商請24位專家學者進行問卷實施調查。經由資料處理與分析後,本研究獲致結論如下,以提供高職學校評鑑人員評鑑能力建立後續的相關研究參考:一、高職學校評鑑人員應重視的評鑑能力,主要可分為系統化的探究、評鑑技巧,以及評鑑專業等3項主要構面,共有27項評鑑能力。二、高職學校評鑑人員應扮演之角色有規劃者、促進者、教育訓練者、監督稽核者、調查判斷者、診斷者、諮詢者、調停/仲裁者、倡導闡明者以及資訊提供者等10種。三、高職學校評鑑人員扮演不同角色,應具備不同之評鑑能力,其中尤以扮演診斷者、諮詢者及促進者角色者所重視之評鑑能力較多。
Educational evaluation has become a popular trend since 1980’s and has responded to social expectation and accountability of senior vocational education in Taiwan over the years.Competences of evaluating staff are much diversified and this study tries to build up a list of evaluation parameters, so as to explore the role-playing of evaluating committee. To achieve the set goal, this study proceeded the literature review, questionnaire survey via Delphi method of 30 experts to build the required list. To figure out problems gained from Delphi method, this study held 2 focus-group meetings and turned the conclusions into the questionnaire. 24 experts were asked to fill in the questionnaires. The conclusions obtained include:(a) Roles for evaluation parameters are designer, facilitator, educational trainer, inspector, investigator, diagnostician, consultant, mediator, advisory illustrator, information specialist.(b) Items of competence for external evaluating staff are divided into 3 categories: 1.systematic inquiry-including 13 competence criterions 2.evaluation skills-including 11 competence criterions 3.evalution profession-including 6 competence criterions.(c) Evaluators of vocational high school have different roles and evaluation competences. Evaluation competences are much emphasized in the roles of diagnostician,consultant, and facilitator.
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