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Title: 領導能力類型學之初步建構
Other Titles: The Typology of Leadership Competence
Authors: 葉連祺
Lain Chyi Yeh
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 領導能力是教育領導研究的重要課題,探討領導能力分類有助於更有效地培養領導人才和增進領導能力,建構領導能力類型學可提供領導能力分類的理論基礎和增進實務功用。本文系統化地討論有關領導能力類型學的成立條件、概念、體系和應用課題,指出領導學、能力研究、類型學等為其構成基礎,其成立條件必須滿足六項假設前提,經分析領導學、能力研究、類型學等概念意涵,提出一個領導能力類型學的系統觀觀點和定義,說明其體系包括六項關鍵問題、本體論和認識論、研究方法論、實務應用等層面,並討論應用課題和實例。
Leadership competence is an important issue in educational leadership research. To discuss the classification of leadership competence can prepare effectively the talented leader, and improve normal leader's leadership competence. Building the typology of leadership competence may provide some theoretical bases for leadership competence classification and improve its utility in practice. The study discussed systematically the requisite conditions, related concepts, theoretical system and applications in practice concern leadership competence classification. It indicated that the leadership, competence study and typology took as the base of leadership competence classification, and leadership competence classification must satisfied six assumed propositions. Reviewing some related concepts, one systematic view and one definition for leadership competence classification were proposed. The theoretical system of leadership competence classification was composed of six key questions, ontology, epistemology, research methodology and applications in practice. Moreover, some issues for application of leadership competence classification and some practical examples were also discussed.
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