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Title: 從形上學的公民資質與公民教育的探討性探討
Other Titles: A Critical Exploration of the Post-Metaphysical Citizenship and Its Implications for Civic Education: From the Persepective of Rorty
Authors: 洪如玉
Ruyu Hung
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本文主旨在於探討當代重要思想家R. Rorty的公民資質概念之內涵,以及探討此觀點在教育上的啟示。本文主要包含四部份:首先,本文說明Rorty後形上學或新實用主義哲學思想之基本概要,指出其核心概念「自由主義反諷者」的基本意義;其次,本文探究Rorty觀點中自由主義反諷者的公民資質的內涵,這部份也包括Rorty對其他當代重要思想家,如J. Habermas、J. Rawls觀點的回應;第三,本文探討如何發展Rorty自由主義反諷者觀點的公民教育;最後,導出本文結論與建議,指出Rorty自由反諷者的公民資質觀點對於目前教育之啟示。
This paper aims to explore the meaning of the concept of citizenshio and its implications for education from the perspective of American post-metaphysical philosopher or neo-pragmatist Richard Rorty. It consists of the following four parts: 1)the first part gives a brief introduction of Rorty's philosophy; 2) the second part discusses the meanings of the concept of citizenship from the view of Rorty and Rorty's responses to the notions of J. Habermas and J. Rawls; 3) the third part discusses the process of developing the Rortian citizen as liberal ironist in the education; and 4) the final part convludes with suggestions that Rorty's view might improve our cueernt education.
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