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Title: Effectiveness of Phonological Remediation for Children with Poor English Word Reading Abilities
Other Titles: 聲韻訓練融入英文讀字補救教學之成效
Authors: Hui-Mei Chu
Yun-Yun Yu
Hsiao-Tzu Amanda Chang
Leeping Ting
Chian Yu
Chieh-Fang Hu
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以兩年的時間長期追蹤比較兩種不同英文補救教學課程的成效。研究對象為95位英文認字能力偏低的小學三年級學童,依相關能力配對成三組後,隨機分配至兩個不同的補救教學組,一組加強學童之字母拼讀能力,另一組除加強字母拼讀能力外並加入音韻覺識之訓練,第三組則為補救教學控制組,與前兩組有同樣的補救教學時間,但無字母拼讀或音韻覺識之教學。另外,本研究包括一組英文認字能力發展正常的學童,這組學童未接受任何補救教學,但可做為補救教學成效的比較對象。學童於研究期間共接受三學期之補救教學,於每學期補救教學之後,學童需接受三項補救教學成效測驗(真字認讀、假字解讀、音韻覺識)。研究結果顯示:不同的補救教學方式對真字認讀並無明顯之教學效果,但接受字母拼讀或字母拼讀配音韻覺識訓練的學童,於接受補救教學後,假字解讀能力顯著優於控制組,並接近一般學童的能力水準。另有證據顯示:補救教學加入音韻覺識訓練可提高學童真字認讀與假字解讀兩項能力的整體排序,但本研究音韻覺識訓練的方法對於提昇音韻覺識本身並無顯著效益。接受控制組補救教學的學童則未呈現任何顯著之教學效益。本文最後就研究結果對教學與未來研究提出建議。
We evaluated the effectiveness of two theoretically motivated remedial reading instruction programs and their impact on third-grade low achievers of English. In this two-year longitudinal study, 95 children who were poor at word recognition of English were divided into three matched groups and randomly assigned to one of two treatment conditions, Phonics or Phonics with Phonological Awareness (PA), or to a control treatment condition with equal instructional time but without instruction in Phonics or PA. A group of no-treatment typically-achieving children was also included for comparison of the outcome measures. There were three semesters of intervention. Outcome measures (real word reading, pseudoword reading, and phonological awareness) were administered after each of the three semesters. The results indicated that there were no selective effects of treatment on word reading. However, at the conclusion of the intervention, children's word decoding ability improved as a result of treatment in phonics or phonics with PA and approached the level comparable to the typically-achieving children. Additional training in PA yielded a positive effect in promoting children's ranking in real word and pseudoword reading, though the training itself did not prove to be effective for its own purpose. No substantial training effect was obtained for the low achieving children who received the control treatment. Implications for the classroom and future research are also discussed.
Other Identifiers: E5EECB3B-5818-1FD0-B7B8-7CF012A30F75
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