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Title: English Education for International Students in Local Schools
Authors: 國際學生在澳洲的英語教育:融入的政策與異化的言談
Ruth Arber
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本篇論文旨在探討澳洲維多利亞地區的中學教師對國際學生融入教育的看法。對晚近的研究初步分析的結果顯示教師們均能了解英語教育的重要性,且都能朝此目標戮力執行。然而,進一步分析發現教師們所使用的教學方法往往與融入教育的精神有所違侼,反映出彌補語言欠缺的教學觀點,同時簡化語言文化的內涵至語言單位與其連結的系統,而非其體現與經驗。即使教師們志在幫助所有的學生融入,他們的努力卻被異化的言談所削弱。他們的言談在同與異,語言與文化,以及英語學習這些議題間折衝妥協。這些言談呈現出國際學生被視為社區中的異鄉人,重新定義融入教育,同時限制了他們與當代及全球生活世界的接觸。
This paper is concerned with the ways secondary teachers in Victoria, Australia, speak about inclusive education for international students. Preliminary analysis of recent research shows teachers understand that English language teaching is crucial and are committed to its good practice. Nevertheless, further analysis suggests teacher approaches to education are contested, support a deficit view of teaching practice, and simplify notions of language and culture to their discrete and systemic characteristics vis-a-vis their embodied and ontological aspects. Even as teachers work to include all of their students, their efforts are mediated by discourses that negotiate the nexus between identity and difference, language and culture, and English language education. Together these discourses work toinscribe international students differently within the community, redefine the education provided to them, and constrain their access to contemporary and globalized life-worlds.
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