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Title: 整合學習者經驗教學法對國小五年級學童英語學習態度成效之研究
Other Titles: Effects of Language Experience Approach on English Learning Attitude in Elementary School Students in Taiwan
Authors: 胡嘉玲
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台灣國小五年級學生接受整合學習者經驗教學法(簡稱LEA)之後,對其英語學習態度成效之影響。本研究採準實驗設計,研究對象為桃園縣一所中型國小的兩班五年級學生,一班為實驗組,另一班為控制組,共計66人。研究期間,實驗組學生於課文教學以外的時間進行整合學習者經驗英文教學活動,控制組的學生則於課文教學以外的時間進行包含遊戲、角色扮演、競賽、歌謠韻文等一般常用的混合式英語教學活動。實驗工具採前、後測之問卷施測方式,資料之收集包括研究者自編的「英語學習態度」問卷,及「LEA教學活動實施意見」調查表。本研究結果顯示,實驗組學生與控制組學生「英語學習態度」問卷之後測成績並無顯著差異,但是實驗組學生組內後測成績顯著高於前測成績,而其中行為分量表之後測成績亦顯著高於前測,顯示整合學習者經驗教學法對實驗組學生之英語學習態度之行為面向有正面影響。據此結果,本研究針對有意實施整合學習者經驗教學法之教學者及未來相關研究提出數點建議。
The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to investigate the effects of the language experience approach on the English learning attitudes of Taiwanese elementary school students. Subjects were selected from two classes of fifth grade students in a rural town in Northern Taiwan. A total of 66 students participated in the study. The experimental group received instruction in the language experience approach twice a week, while the control group participated in activities such as role plays, games, songs, chants, etc. A questionnaire was used to gather information on the students' learning attitudes and their opinions on the language experience approach. Independent sample t-tests and paired sample t-tests were used to determine whether there were significant inter-and intra-group differences. Results of the study showed that there was no significant difference in the performance of the two groups, but the experimental group did show improvements in their English learning attitudes, especially on the aspect of learning behaviors. Educational implications and suggestions for future research are provided.
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