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Title: Researching Multiple Assessment
Other Titles: 多元評量應用於國小英語教學之研究 
Authors: Yueh-kuei Hsu
Issue Date: Jul-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究探討多元評量在九所國小英語教室的應用情形。四個主要研究問題分別為:(1)教師對於「評量學生英語學習目的」的認知與想法為何?(2)教師在教學評量過程中發展和運用了哪些不岣的評量策略?(3)教師在實施多元評量的過程中遇到了哪些困難?此外,教師需要哪些支援或協助以提昇多元評量實施途徑的可行性與有效性?(4)在透過與其他教師以及大學研究者的合作,教師們如何在過程中逐步發展教學對評量專業?本研究資料蒐集途徑包含:每月會議記錄、問卷、訪談與教室觀察紀錄、心得札記、以及教師的評量檔案。上述資料均經內容分析以進一步了解教師實多元評量之過程。研究結果指出,欲真實而全面地了解學生動態學習過程,實有必要透過不同面向監督學生的英語學習情形。本研究並指出,學校教師與大學研究者之間合作夥伴關係之建立,有助於增進現場教師對於多元評量的了解與教師專業發展。本文文末亦提出對於教室教學、教師發展、以及多元評量應用於語言學習之研究方向的相關討論。
This study investigates the implementation of multiple assessment in nine elementary school English classroom in Taiwan. Four research questions are addressed: (1)What are the teachers’ perceptions regarding the purposes of evaluating their students’ English learning? (2)What multiple assessment procedures are devised and implemented? (3)What are the difficulties encountered by the teachers in practicing multiple assessment and what support is needed to ensure the practicality and success of the implementation? (4)How do the teachers, activated by the collaboration with each other and the university researcher, proceed through the process of becoming professional practitioners? Monthly meetings, questionnaires, interviews and observation, journals, and teachers’ assessment profiles were collected, and the content analyzed in relation to the construct, interpretation, and implementation of assessment practices. The findings indicate that, to obtain a comprehensive and realistic overview of the dynamic learning process, monitoring elementary school students’ English learning within a multi-component framework is essential. This study implies that school-university partnerships are effective mechanisms to increase teachers’ knowledge of multiple assessment and facilitate their professional development. Implications for classroom practice, teacher development, and future research in multiple assessment of language learning are discussed.
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