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Title: 英語全球化脈絡裡的臺灣英語教育
Other Titles: English as a Global Language and its Effects on Taiwan's English Education
Authors: 廖柏森
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 目前全世界約有四分之一的人口使用英語,已遠超過以英語為母語的人數,英語全球化的現象正影響台灣的英語教育,但台灣社會面對英語的全球化熱潮常衍生全面擁抱和本正在地化角度排拒的兩桂觀點。因此本文昌在論述台灣的英語教育在全球化的大勢所趨下,應該釐清所謂棵準英語的觀念,體認、至,)英語所有權的分殊性,並探討外籍和本土英語教師在台灣教學的不同定位,以因處在地學生的英語學習需求,同時培養學生國際視野,從多元觀點來看待世界文化。在世界各地通用的英語正隨著不同的社會發展出反映當地風格的用法,英語全球化的衝擊反而造成英語的分散化與本土化的興趣。為求與國際社會接軌,政府已宣示將把英語提昇為準官方語言,但要具體落實此項語言政策仍有漫漫長路要走。
Nearly a quarter of the world population now uses English as a means of communication, far greater than the number of native speakers of English. The. unparalleled spread of English around the world is having a marked impact on Taiwan's English education. However, people in Taiwan often have conf1icting attitudes toward the globalization of English and how English should be taught in the local context. Thus, the aim of this article is to decons1ruct the myth of Standard English, to recognize the fact that no culture or nation can have a rightful claim to the ownership of English, and finally toidentify the advantages for local students of having both foreign and Taiwanese teachers to meet their specific leaming needs as well as to expand their global views. English nowadays has developed many new varieties in different areas for people to express their national and cultural identities. The emergence of English as a dominant intemationallanguage has actually led to the fragment and nativization of various English varieties. In order to be successfully integrated into the intemational community, Taiwan's govemment has already proposed to make English as a quasi-official language in the near future. However, it may take a long time to really implement the new language policy.
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