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Title: Critical Language Testing
Other Titles: 評判性語言評量:全民英檢的個案研究
Authors: 施智閔
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: Shohamy (2001b) 提出了評判性語言評量的理論,提倡考生應該擁有質疑考試本身、考試的價值、以及考試方法的權利。她也相信參與測驗者有時對考試看法獨特,而測驗機構能夠向考生學習。為了回應Shohamy 的評判性語言評量的理論,本研究調查受訪者對於全民英檢相關議題的看法。本研究涵蓋的主題包括考生對於將全民英檢納入畢業門檻的看法,以及考生認為全民英檢有哪些方面可以改善。全部受訪的學生家人以及大約60%的受訪學生支持將全民英檢納入畢業門檻這個政策。除此之外,學生們並建議語測中心以不同的方式施行聽力測驗、發展出真實的口說測驗、消除口說測驗中周圍考生發出的吵雜聲造成的干擾、降低報名費、美化答案卡、於知名的地點設立考場、致力於其證書獲得國際間的承認,以及更頻繁的施行全民英檢的測驗。
Shohamy (2001b) proposed her theory of critical language testing, advocating that test takers should have the right to question the test itself, its value and its methods. She also believes that test takers' views of the test are sometimes unique and test institutions can learn from test takers. To echo Shohamy's theory of critical language testing, this study investigated participants' viewpoints of GEPT-related issues. Topics covered in this study include test takers' opinions about using the GEPT as one of their degree requirements, and the aspects of the GEPT which they believed can be improved. When it came to adopting the GEPT as a degree requirement, all students' families and approximately sixty percent of the students I interviewed endorsed this policy. In addition, students suggested that the LTTC administer listening comprehension questions in a different manner, develop a more authentic speaking test, eliminate the interference caused by the babble of surrounding examinees in the speaking test, roll back the registration fees, do a facelift of the answer sheets, provide test centers at well-known locations, endeavor to acquire international recognition for its certificates, and administer the GEPT more frequently.
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