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Title: 雙語文學圈的實踐
Other Titles: Biliterate Literature Circles: Talks as Tickets to Ride
Authors: Claudia Peralta
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在研究文學圈的實踐,對四年級雙語(西班牙文與英文)教室的影響,並探究教師是如何建構,及引導教室的文學實踐。進一步的研究顯示社群營造及問題的轉換會影響所敘述的種類。在五個月的研究中,研究者實施一週一次的教學參與觀察,主要是觀察語言結構。研究者尤其注意教室之文學圈的實踐部分。研究資料來自於觀察筆記,非正式及正式的訪談,錄影及錄音,和舊資料之收集。然而,本文重點在分析觀察筆記,及課堂中文學圈相關之錄影及錄音。所收回之研究資料都是在文學圈的概念下檢視,以獲得識字行為、社會互動、所產生的文本,以及文本間連結的專業觀點。
This study aimed to explore the impact of Literature Circles in a fourth grade bilingual classroom (Spanish and English) and investigate how classroom literary practices were framed and shaped by the classroom teacher. Further study revealed that community building, and shifts in questions affected the type of narratives constructed. During this five-month study, the researcher conducted weekly participant observations of instruction in the classroom, primarily during the language arts blocks. The researcher gave specific attention to observing a classroom practice: Literature Circles. Data was collected through the use of fieldnotes, informal and formal interviews, videoand/ or audiotaping, and artifact collection. However, this paper focuses only on the fieldnotes, and video and audiotaping from classroom sessions focusing on Literature Circles. Each literate event was examined within the cycles of Literature Circle to obtain an insider perspective of literate actions, social interactions, texts produced and connections made between the texts.
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