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Title: 在地性的政治
Other Titles: The Politics of Locality: Globalization, Postcolonial English, and the Cultural Reconsideration of English Teaching and Learning
Authors: 莊坤良
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 全球化過份強調其普世性,反而忽略了在地性的重要。這篇文章旨在論證在地主體性對全球文化與英語發展的建構性影響。論文分四部份:首先說明全球與在地的互 相辯證關係,並指出全球的在地化與在地的全球化促成文化雜化的事實。第二,以後殖嚴的角度來檢視新興英語的雜化本質,並以此解構標準英語的迷思。第三,探 討全球化下的英語教材與教法,論述在地性的文化主體對英語教學的改示。第四,回到臺灣的場域,探討全球英語教學的在地因應之道。
The current study on globalization has emphatically highlighted the homogeneous cultural forces of globality, and in one way or another has downplayed or ignored the participation f locality by presenting 1)how the dialectical relationship between globalization and localization has engendered global cultural hybridity; 2)how new "englishes" have emerged through the postcolonial appropriation of English; 3)how global English teaching and leaning should be reexamined through the cultural politics of locality and subjectivity in this ear of globalization.
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