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Title: 探究高中英文教師之英文資優方案實施信念:凱利庫存方格技術之應用
Other Titles: Exploring Teacher Beliefs about English Talented Programs in Senior High School: An Application of Repertory Grid Technique
Authors: Christine Chifen Tseng
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 英文資優方案、教師信念、凱利庫存方格技術
Teacher beliefs have been proven to influence classroom practices. However, they cannot be inferred from direct classroom observation or by checking an inventory of pedagogical beliefs. The present study aimed to explore an EFL teacher’s beliefs about English talented program implementation by applying the repertory grid technique, a qualitative research method which has its roots in Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory. Through the repertory grid technique interviews and with the help of Principal Component Analysis method from SPSS package, six beliefs of the participant’s were extracted about this innovative implementation. Further examination of these beliefs revealed that certain societal and cultural factors have great influence on teacher beliefs and that some important curriculum modifications for gifted and talented learners were not given due attention. It is suggested that social and cultural factors should be taken into consideration when developing such talented programs and when providing in-service teacher training so as to enhance the efficacy of the programs.
Other Identifiers: 86903FF9-13E0-1FCD-CAEA-F286D9F23B13
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