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Title: 第一語言保存與第二語言習得之關連:美國華裔孩童中文能力維持策略及方法之研究
Other Titles: Bilingualism and the Second Generation: Investigating the Effects and Methods of Heritage Language Maintenance and Second Language Acquisition
Authors: Fan-Wei Kung
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討美國華裔之文化及語言身分認同,並且對於父母對於孩童語言之學習與態度之影響。此研究透過不同研究方法組合,蒐集各別質化及量化的資料,以期能從不同角度及觀點,對於美國華裔父母與孩童對於中文與英文之保存與習得。取得之樣本資料包括問卷調查,研究調查筆記以及半結構式的訪談。此研究結果顯示美國華裔父母對於孩童第一語言保存扮演者相當重要的地位,其中包含諸多的語言學習策略讓孩童在美國能有效的維持中文能力與學習英文。此研究同時也印證有效的第一語言保存對於孩童的第二語言習得有舉足輕重之地位。諸多理論及教育意涵可提供教師及家長對於第一語言保存與第二語言習得之關連有更深的認識。
Since the late 1990s, the field of bilingual education has been in the headlines in the US, which was different from the English-only activism in the 1980s where no one had imagined witnessing the nation’s dominant language to be endangered by the encroachment of other languages. Afterward, there were several legislative campaigns focusing on the exclusivity of the English language in the US. However, bilingual education did not stop there as more and more immigrants decided to call the US home. The aim of this study was to explore both the cultural and linguistic identities of Chinese immigrant parents and teenagers in the US and how parental involvement impacted children’s language awareness and attitudes. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses were conducted through a series of questionnaires, field notes and a semi-structured interview to examine the participants’ linguistic identity and parental language influence. The present study analyzed the methods the participants used to successfully maintain their L1 in conjunction with acquiring English as their L2 in the US. The findings revealed that parentsʼ involvement substantially affects both children's heritage language maintenance and second language acquisition with a few affective variables identified influencing their overall language development. Several pedagogical implications are also provided for bilingual practitioners and immigrant parents.
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