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Title: Enhancing EFL Learners' English Reading Proficiency through Collocation Instruction
Other Titles: 透過搭配詞教學提昇臺灣高職學生之英文閱讀能力
Authors: 林玉萍
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台灣高職學生的搭配詞能力及其閱讀能力之間的關係,同時並檢驗長期、明確的搭配詞教學對於提昇學生閱讀能力的效益。高職學生一般而言英文程度較弱,但除了正規英語課程之外,他們還必須學習專業英語課程:例如觀光英語、護理英語、科技英語等,因搭配詞能力不足,學生往往很難習得專業英語中的固定用語和詞彙字串。研究人員根據Lewis (2000)和van Lier (1996)學者的理論設計了六個搭配詞課程,實驗組的學生在接受一個學期的搭配詞教學之後,閱讀能力進步顯著高於控制組的學生,統計結果也發現學生的搭配詞能力和閱讀能力呈現明顯的正相關。研究結果建議搭配詞教學應納入高職英語課程中,教師應長期明確地讓學生反覆練習搭配詞技巧以提昇其英語閱讀能力。
This empirical study aims to examine the effects of explicit and long-term collocation instruction on the development of reading proficiency of EFL vocational high school students in Taiwan. Vocational high school students are generally low-proficiency English learners, yet in addition to regular English courses, they have to learn ESP courses such as tourism English, nursing English, and technology English. Without sufficient collocation competence, they often have difficulties learning the formulaic expressions or language chunks in these courses. Based on Lewis’ (2000) lexical approach and van Lier's (1996) 3A curriculum design, the author designed and implemented her collocation instruction in two vocational high school classes for six months. The results showed that the experimental class made significantly more progress than the control class in their English reading proficiency. Statistical analysis also indicated that a significant positive correlation exists between the students' collocation competence and their English reading proficiency. The pedagogical implications of this study include adding explicit collocation instruction to vocational high school English curriculum, raising EFL learners' awareness of collocations, and providing students with systematic and repetitive practice of collocation techniques.
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