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Title: 新聞英文教學輔助工具
Other Titles: On-Line English News Resource System: A Teaching/Learning Aid for News Media English Classes
Authors: 田曉萍
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文介紹一個輔助新聞英文教學的線上學習資源、系統。由於近年來學者強調小型語料庫檢索在專技英語(ESP)教學上的潛力,加上新聞英文讀法相關資源缺乏,作者建構了一個整合型英文新聞線上學習資源系統藍圖,包含新聞標題和首段的語料庫及檢索功能,並建立了系統的原型(prototype) 。作者將系統的功能和在新聞英文教學上的助益分字彙學習及新聞請法兩大部份討論,並提供系統畫面作為說明。作者最後列舉運用該系統來設計課堂活動的實例及學生試用後的回饋意見。
This paper introduces an on-line resource system for news media English classes. Researchers have in recent years stressed the potential of concordancing with smaller and more specialized corpora in ESP. Prompted by the increasing attention to smaller corpora and the scarcity of well-organized aids for the teaching and leaming of news media English, an on-line English news resource system was devised. The system incorporates an on-line copus of news stories, aconcordancer, word frequency statistics, and links to free on-line dictionaries. To illustrate the potential benefits of the system, a prototype of the system was built. A small corpus of English news was created using headlines and leads of news stories collected from major on-line news media. A detailed discussion is made on the major functions and potential benefits of the system in two areas-( 1) leaming keywords in the news, and (2) improving ski1ls in reading English news. Several screenshots of the prototype accompany the discussion. Two examples of classroom activities and studentfeedback after using the system are presented in the final section. The authors conclude that when adequately developed, the system would be a valuable aid to both instructors and students of news media English.
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