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Title: 九十九年「普通高級中學英文科課程綱要」之規劃、實施與預期效果
Other Titles: Planning, Implementation, and Expected Impact of the 2010 Curriculum Guidelines for Senior High School English: Teachers’ Perspectives
Authors: 程玉秀
Yuh-show Cheng, Hsi-Nan Yeh, Shun-fa Su
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 教師個人的信念引導其在課堂內的教學,因此,教師對課程政策的態度和看法對於政策執行成敗具有決定性影響。本研究在九十九年「普通高級中學英文科課程綱要」實施之際,以問卷調查方式廣泛瞭解高中英文教師對新課程綱要的看法,期能藉此反映教學實務者的心聲,提供有關單位在推動及補強高中英文課綱時參考。同時,也希望本研究所蒐集到的綱要推動前教師觀點資料能彌補國內英語文課程推動前欠缺政策評估相關資料的缺憾,作為將來檢視、評鑑其成效的參照基礎。依據702 份有效問卷所得量性和質性資料分析結果,本文統整、摘述高中英文教師對新課綱的看法,並針對教師所表達的疑慮,從「政策實施與行政支持」、「教材」、「課程規劃與教學實施」、及「教師專業成長」等層面提出推動新課綱相關建言。
Teachers’ beliefs guide their classroom practices, so their perceptions and attitudes towards a new curriculum are crucial to the success of its implementation. The current study surveyed senior high school English teachers’ perceptions of the 2010 Curriculum Guidelines for Senior High School English before the launch of the new curriculum. The purposes of the study are twofold. Firstly, it aims to assemble diverse and truthful views of the practitioners so as to provide the authorities concerned with implications for enacting the curriculum. Secondly, the study intends to gather some baseline data for later evaluation of the curriculum. A total of 702 valid questionnaires were collected. Based on the quantitative and qualitative data solicited through the questionnaires, this paper maps out English teachers’ thoughts and doubts about the curriculum before its launch and concludes with suggestions for measures to facilitate its implementation.
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