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Title: 談「彌補策略」的教學活動設計
Other Titles: Designing Teaching Activities: A "Compensation Strategy" Perspective
Authors: 謝中能
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 英文老師的迷思之一,就是以為學生英語能力要提高,唯有靠老師在課堂上馬不停蹄的教授許多文法與字彙、學生課後反覆練習與背誦,以及用無數次的老試以考核 學生的用功情形。然而有關學習策略的研究中顯示,發現有的學生在學習的過程中會有意識的採行某些方法幫助學習,而擁有卓越的學習成效。根據R. Oxford的分類,外語學習策略可分為記憶、認知、彌補、超認知、情意及社交六種。本文的重點是培美美大一學生使用彌補策略的能力力,希冀藉助一些教學 活動的設計,蝥學生突破現有英文知識之不足,改變過去的學習習慣,衱而增強閱讀與口語表達的能力。
Many teachers of English believe that the only gateway to enhancing students' English competence is to inculcate all sorts of linguistic knowledge into the students. However, the finding from the theory "learning strategies," defined as the strategies learners consciously apply to the task, may serve as another useful tool too ameliorate the students' performance in English. This paper aims to present a few teaching activities to bring college freshmen into awareness of the "compensation strategy," one of the six foreign language learning strategies R. Oxford proposes. With these techniques, the students may free themselves from the bondage of their limited knowledge of English and become more proficient in reading and specking.
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