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Title: A Pedagogical Study of "Textual Performance" as a Means of Teaching English Poetry
Other Titles: 以西方文學表演學教授英詩之教學法設計
Authors: 陳彥豪
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文建議以西方文表演學的理論與實踐作為一種教學方法來教授英詩。西方文學表演學的理論與實踐涵蓋1)口頭敘述傳統,2)當代修辭學(以表演為取 向),3)美學領域,4)詮釋?的劇場(包括"讀者劇場"與"室內劇場")等範疇。作為一種英誠教學法,西方法學表演學對表演者,觀眾具啟發性;它是聲 音,肢體和心裡感情對英詩的完全投入;也是凝聚我們歐有潛能的合成過程。在此種教學法當中,學生表演者為重心所在,而者師成為輔導者和促進者,他(她)從 旁指導學生表演者在教室裡舞臺上先行詮釋一首英詩作品以後再將其表演出來。至此,原作者詩人,英詩作品,學生表演者,與觀眾乃形成一個完整的美學領域。實 際的建議教學步驟是(一)朗讀該首英詩;(二)與該首英詩對話;(三)理解該首英詩的意義;(四)將該首英詩在風格上予以轉換及翻譯(五)該首英詩之戲劇 分析;(五)該首英詩各種評論之比較,(七)肢體與聲音的演練;(八)心理準備;(九)撰寫詩中說話人的想像自像;(十)研究詩人其他的作品;(十一)尋 求該首英詩字裡行間的弦外之音;(十二)詩行字句的重作推敲;(十三)該首英詩之演出策劃;(十四)該首英詩之表演作為其美學領域的最後測試;(十五)此 一教學法之教學評量與後續的討論:本文以羅勃.黑登(1913-1980)的英詩<那段冬天的星期日>為例,設計一個映證此種教學法之實際案提供讀者參 考。
This paper discusses the pedagogical efficacy of the (primarily Western) theory and practice of performing literary text in the teaching of English poetry to Taiwanese students. The theory and practice of "textual performance" rhetoric; (1) the Western oral tradition of "elocutionists"; (2) contemporary "performance rhetoric"; (3) the modern "aesthetic field"; and (4) the Readers Theatre" and "Chamber Theatre." The proposed pedagogy is student/performer-centered, with the teacher serving as facilitator. Fifteen practical steps are recommended for this plan of instruction: (1) sounding our the poem; (2) responding to the poem; (3) making "plain sense" of the poem; (4) stylistic transformation and translation; (5) dramatic analysis; (6) comparing responses; (7) physical and vocal exercises; (8) psychological readiness; (9) imaginative autobiography of the persona; (10) overview of poet's other works; (11) poem's subtext; (12) poem's action lines; (13) establishing a production concept of the poem; (14) performance as final aesthetic trial; and (15) evaluation of the pedagogy and the ensuing discussion. An English poem, "Those Winter Sundays" by Robert Hayden (1913-1980), will be taken as an example (or case) in the discussion of this instructional plan.
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