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Title: EFL Learners' Listening Comprehension Anxiety
Other Titles: 英語外語學習者的聽力理解焦慮
Authors: 程玉秀
Issue Date: Jan-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 許多學者認、為聽力理解在第二語言習得歷程扮演著相當重要的地位(Dunkel, 1986; Krashen, 1985; Long, 1985; Rost, 1990) ,卻也極可能引起焦慮(Krashen in Young, 1992; Campbell, 1999; Vogely, 1998),然而目前針對聽力理解焦慮所做的研究並不多見。鑑於焦慮對聽力理解可能帶來不利影響,本研究以23 位英語外語學習者為資料收集對象,歷時一學期,以探討聽力理解焦慮的來源和變化。此外,本研究也探討聽力理解焦慮、學習者自覺的聽力程度、和聽力課堂表現間的相關性。研究者首先針對學生每節課後所填寫的開放性問卷進行質性分析,結果顯示聽力理解焦慮的來源大抵可分成四大類,各與輸入語言、訊息處理、教學、和個人因素有關。而單變量重複量數分析結果顯示學習者一學期內的聽力理解焦慮程度相當穩定,期初、期中、期末所報導的焦慮、程度間並無顯著差異。相關分析結果則發現焦慮和聽力課學期成績及學生自覺的聽力程度呈負相關;但自覺的聽力程度和焦慮程度間的相關性高於學期成績和焦慮間的相關性。研究結果對理論和教學的社示則在文未有所討論。
There is scarce literature on 1istening comprehension anxiety although listening has been recognized as crucial in L2 learning (Dtmkel, 1986; Krashen, 1985; Long, 1985; Rost, 1990), yet potentially highly anxiety-provoking (Campbel1, 1999; Krashen in Young, 1992; Vogely, 1998). In light ofthe potential detrimental effects of anxiety on listening comprehension, this study examined the sources of, and changes in, 23 EFL leamers' listening comprehension anxiety over one semester. The ways in which listening comprehension anxiety is related to both self-perceived listeningcompetence and actual course performance were also explored. Analysis of learners' responses to an open-ended questionnaire distributed right after each class meeting reveals various sources of listening comprehension anxiety related to input, information processing, instruction, and personal factors. Analysis of learners' anxiety levels reported at the beginning, the middle, and the end of the semester using univariate repeated measures indicates that learners' listening comprehension anxiety level was relatively stable over the semester. Correlation analysis of final course grades and self-reported levels of anxiety and competence shows that anxiety was negatively associated with both course grades and self-perceived competence but the latter had a stronger negative association with anxiety. Theoretical and pedagogical implications ofthe findings are discussed.
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