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Title: 從臺灣企業界之外語人才需求看應用外語系的課程規劃
Other Titles: From the Needs of Foreign Languages in Taiwanese Enterprises to the Curriculum Design for Undergraduate Students in Departments of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics
Authors: 張玉櫻
Yu-Ying Chang
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 在全球化的驅使下,各國企業間接觸頻繁,外語能力(尤其是英語能力) 因而成為企業選才的標準之一,為了幫助臺灣各大學應用外語系的課程規劃,使其更符合現今企業界對外語人才的需求,本研究以企業人士為問卷對象,企圖從企業界的觀點來看職場中外語使用的情況、以及應用外語系的課程該加強的重點。在本論文中,我們也比較了本研究與施玉惠教授等人於1998 年所執行之類似調查,發現固然有部分的結果類似,但十幾年來的外在環境改變,已經引起了一些企業外語需求及使用上與以往的差異。另外,有別於施玉惠等(1998) 不分部門的調查,本研究還特別多關注了企業公司各部門間之外語使用場合及各種需求的異同。
In Taiwan, a large portion of Taiwanese undergraduate students in departments of applied foreign languages work in enterprises of different industries after their graduation. In order to increase the competitiveness of these students in the job market, curriculum designs of foreign language education should meet the needs of different industries. To help improve the curriculum design in related departments, this study investigates the uses and needs of foreign languages in Taiwanese enterprises of different industries. Comparing the results of the questionnaire survey of the present study with those reported in another similar survey conducted in 1998 by Shih et al., we find both similarities and differences caused by contextual changes. In addition to the uses and needs of foreign languages, evaluation on the workplace performances of graduates from departments of applied foreign languages by professionals form different industries and the suggestions provided by these professionals will also be discussed in this paper.
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