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Title: 防治學生英文寫作抄襲之認知與方法探究: 以二所研究型大學為例
Other Titles: Exploring Anti-Plagiarism Perceptions and Methods of Students, Faculty Members and Administrators towards Students’ English Writing at Two Research-Based Universities
Authors: 劉繼仁
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學英語系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 高品質著作及多元出版成為學術發展的指標,因此學術倫理及預防寫作抄襲也成為重要議題。本研究以訪談法作為質性研究方法,研究對象為二所研究型大學的系所主管、教師及學生,探討和比較:三族群對於英文寫作抄襲定義的認知、對學生英文寫作抄襲行為的觀察、造成學生英文寫作抄襲的原因,以及預防英文寫作抄襲的方法。研究結果得知:三族群認為英文寫作抄襲包括全文抄襲、未註明出處來源和改寫內容過於近似原文、主管及教師以自身的教學經驗提出學生不同的抄襲行為、英文寫作抄襲的原因有內在動機及外在因素,而避免學生抄襲的方法包括建立正確的學術道德觀念、告知抄襲的定義及後果、使用抄襲偵測軟體或人工檢查機制找出可能抄襲的文句,以及設定抄襲的處置規範。主管和教師也各自有不同遏止學生抄襲的作法。
The criterion for academic achievement, consisting of multiple high-quality publications, has become the norm in educational settings. Accordingly, ethics and the prevention of plagiarism are critical issues for consideration to secure academic integrity and protect intellectual property. The goal of this study was to investigate knowledge about and perspectives of English writing plagiarism in three main groups at two research-based universities in Taiwan, including university administrators (supervisors), instructors, and students. Utilizing qualitative interview data, the researchers compared and contrasted four key issues surrounding plagiarism: (a) knowledge of the definition of plagiarism; (b) behavioral observations of student plagiarism; (c) causes of student plagiarism; (d) approaches for preventing plagiarism. Results show that all groups consider full-text copying, failure to cite, and patchwriting to be plagiarism; administrators and instructors possess distinct attitudes regarding the behavior of student plagiarism; the causes of plagiarism in English writing consist of internal and external factors; approaches to prevent student plagiarism include developing correct concepts and attitudes for academic integrity, educating students about the definition and consequences of plagiarism, using anti-plagiarism detectors or establishing mechanisms to identify possible appropriated texts, and setting specific regulations to deter plagiarism.
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