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Title: 兒童學習英文字母的過程
Other Titles: The Process of Learning the Alphabet: An Alternative View
Authors: 曾月紅
Issue Date: Jul-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文的目的是藉由兒童認知學習的研究,提供一個英文字母學習和字母辨識的另類思考。筆者從事全語文英語文教學研究,主要目的是透過全語文教學來瞭解兒童學習英語文的過程。而以「全」或「整體」的語言學習方法中,筆者發現兒童對字母有基本的認知,且根據已有的知識和經驗發展認知字母和辨識字母方法,而且用一個字母代表另一個字母。而這些認知方法與現今的教學方法不盡相同。因此,我們必須考慮如何依據兒童認知學習的過程而發展一套協助他們認知的學習方法,而不是依照成人所訂的法則來學習。本文會探討時下字母教學法和字母拼讀法,並介紹本研究的理論架構(全語文理論)、研究方法、研究資料收集和分析、研究結論和建議。本文將提供兒童學習英文字母過程的一個另類思考。
The purpose of this paper is to examine the process of how children learn the alphabet in EFL Whole Language classes. Research findings indicate that learners bring their own knowledge of the alphabet into the classroom, and know the different letters from the very beginning. In addition, based on their own knowledge and personal experience, they learn the shape of letters through different associations with various things. Finally, learners often use one letter to represent another because what they write is different from what they say. The findings of this paper provide an alternative view into teaching and learning of the alphabet. We may need to re-examine whether we should impose on learners order and rules since they can acquire their own language naturally. We also need to use learners as informants when developing a curriculum.
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