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Title: 偏遠地區漢族與泰雅族國中生識讀能力及相關因素的探討
Other Titles: Chinese Reading Literacy of Remote Junior High Students: A Study of Han and Atayal Students
Authors: 孔淑萱
Shu-Hsuan Kung
Chao-Jung Wu
Yi-Fen Su
Li-Yu Hung
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究之目的在於瞭解不同弱勢族群學生在中文識讀能力的表現,包含探討閱讀理解、聽覺理解及識字量之差異,以及造成差異的相關變項因素。本研究以偏遠地區的漢族及泰雅族國中一年級學生為對象,選取宜蘭縣、桃園縣六所偏遠國民中學,共計901位學生,其中偏遠漢族學生769人,泰雅族學生132人。結果發現,泰雅族學生在各項識讀能力的表現不僅低於全國常模,更顯著低於偏遠漢族學生。不論泰雅族或偏遠漢族學生,其閱讀理解能力與識字量、聽覺理解能力均有中度以上的相關。此外,識字量越多、聽覺理解越佳、父親學歷越高,學生的閱讀理解表現越佳,但族群因素在同時迴歸分析中不具影響力。本研究根據分析結果提出數項結論,並對提升識讀能力落後學生的學習以及未來的研究提出建議。
This study investigated Chinese reading literacy performance (i.e., reading comprehension, listening comprehension, size of Chinese characters) of students in remote areas and possible factors that influenced students' reading comprehension. Nine hundred and one seventh graders, including 769 Han and 132 Atayal students, were selected from 6 remote junior high schools in Ilan and Taoyuan. Results showed that Chinese reading literacy performance of Atayal students was significantly poorer than Han students. Moreover, moderate correlations were found among measures of reading comprehension, listening comprehension and size of Chinese characters literacy for both groups. The analysis also revealed that size of Chinese characters listening comprehension, and father's educational degree were significantly associated with student performance on reading comprehension. Implications for remedial instruction and suggestions for future research were discussed.
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