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Title: 害怕被嘲笑對國中生迎接挑戰傾向的影響:智力自我理論的調節效果
Other Titles: The Influence of the Fear of Being Laughed at on Challenge-Confronting Tendencies among Junior High School Students: The Moderating Effect of Self-Theories of Intelligence
Authors: 劉政宏
Cheng-Hong Liu
Yi-Ling Lee
Wei-Kuang Lee
Po-Sheng Huang
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 積極迎接挑戰是國內學生普遍缺乏但又相當重要的態度。為了對學生此態度的瞭解與培養有所助益,本研究針對害怕被嘲笑對迎接挑戰傾向的影響與歷程進行探討,並檢驗學生所持的智力自我理論(能力增長觀)能否提升其迎接挑戰傾向,及緩衝怕被笑對迎接挑戰的負向效果。308位國中生的調查結果顯示:一、在迎接挑戰的「價值信念」、「一般接受與尋求」及「公開接受」三個向度上,怕被笑皆具有負向的預測效果。二、在檢驗「害怕失敗」是否是怕被笑對迎接挑戰負向效果的中介變項時,僅在公開接受向度發現部分中介效果。三、增長觀可提升迎接挑戰傾向。四、相較於持實存觀者而言,怕被笑對持增長觀者迎接挑戰的負向影響,反而有加劇的趨勢。
To confront challenges actively is a very important attitude for students in Taiwan who tend to avoid challenges. To advance the understanding of the root causes and to help students confront challenges, we examined the negative relationship and mechanism between the fear of being laughed at (gelotophobia) and challenge-confronting tendencies. We also explored whether the incremental view of ability held by students would help them confront challenges and buffer the negative effect. The results of this study with 308 junior high school students were: (1) The fear of being laughed at actually exerted negative influences on all the three dimensions of the challenge-confronting tendencies, which included value belief, general accepting and seeking tendency, and public accepting tendency. (2) Fear of failure partially mediated the negative effect of gelotophobia on the public accepting tendency dimension, but did not show mediating effects in the other two dimensions. (3) Incremental view of ability increased students' challenge-confronting tendencies in all the three dimensions. (4) Relative to entity view of ability, incremental view of ability did not buffer the negative effect of gelotophobia on challenge-confronting tendencies, but instead intensified the negative effect.
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