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Title: 中學生情緒智慧測量與適應性指標研究
Other Titles: Research on Emotional Intelligence Measurements and Adaptive Index of Junior High School Students
Authors: 陳李綢
Lee-Chou Chen
Issue Date: Feb-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在編製適合中學生使用的情緒智慧量表,以探討中學生的情緒智慧適應性指標,並比較不同背景(地區、國高中、年級、性別、排行、家庭結構、父母教育程度與職業)中學生的情緒智商的差異性。以2029 名國中至高中學生為受試,經由預試後以項目分析和因素分析決定情緒智慧量表的因素與指標,並完成量表的編製、常模建立、信效度的研究。研究結果顯示: (I)情緒智慧量表是一個可以測量情緒認知、情緒表達、正向激勵、情緒調節、情緒反省等五種能力的有效穩定的測驗。(2) 情緒智慧量表在情緒調節與情緒反省兩個分量表有地區的差異性,不同年級學生的情緒認知、情緒表達與正向激勵三項分數平均數有差異存在,排行不同學生的情緒智慧總分與其他各分量表平均數有差異性存在。男女學生的情緒智慧分數顯示女生的情緒智慧總分與各分量表平均數都高於男生,情緒智慧各量表分數不因不同家庭子女人口父母親教育程度與職業而有不同。
The purposes of this research are to construct the Scale of Emotional Intelligence suitable for use with junior high school students, to develop an adaptive index for their EI measurements, and to compare the EIs of students with different backgrounds (region, school, grade, sex, family structure, parental educational level and profession). From a sample of 2,029 junior and senior high school students, factors and indices for the EI Scales were determined through analysis of various items and factors. Reliability, validity, and norm of the Scales were then examined upon the scales' completion. Results of the research show that EI Scales are capable of effectively measuring 5 separate abilities: emotional cognition, emotional expression, positive inspiration, emotional regulation, and emotional reflection. Emotional regulation and emotional reflection 、differ among students from different regions. The average values for emotional cognition, emotional expression, and positive inspiration differ among students from different grades. Students with different birth order also differ in total EI scores and in individual EI scores. Female students tend to have higher EI total scores and in each individual EI scores than male students. Finally, parental educationallevel or profession was not related to EI scores.
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