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Title: 教師工作壓力及因應策略相關性之後設分析
Other Titles: A Meta Aalysis ofThe Relationship between Job Stress and Coping Strategies ofTeachers
Authors: 陳瑋婷
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 為了解國內學前至高中職階段教師工作壓力與因應策略之相關性,本研究針對79篇研究報告及31,565位研究對象進行後設分析。結果發現教師工作壓力與因應策略之加權平均效應量為.04,具有正相關及低效應量。經同質性考驗後發現,效應量間的變異係受到研究年代變項、任教階段變項及擔任職務變項等變項的調節作用。除此之外,本研究尚無法確認效應量選取類型變項是否具調節作用。
To understand the relationship between job stress and coping strategies of kindergarten to high school teachers, a meta analysis of 79 research studies with a combined sample of 31,565 participants was conducted. Results indicated a small but positive correlation between teachers' job stress and coping strategies, with a weighted effect size of 0.04. Test of homogeneity was rejected, indicating significant variation among effect size and the moderating effects of the year of the study's publication, stage of teacher's career, and the type of teacher's position. However, the selective influence of moderating effects cannot be confinned
Other Identifiers: A2D687B9-2359-4325-20B0-E3B0F277B33B
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