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Title: 推論性問題引導課程對國小四年級學童推論理解與閱讀理解能力之影響
Other Titles: The Effects “InferentialQuestion Discussion Program” on InferentialComprehension and Reading Comprehension of FourthGrade Students
Authors: 沈欣怡
Hsin-Yi Shen
Yi-Fen Su
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在探討「推論性問題引導課程」對國小四年級學童在推論理解能力與閱讀理解能力上的影響。研究方法採準實驗設計中的不等組前後測設計,以國小四年級學童為對象,實驗組接受「推論性問題引導課程方案」,控制組則未接受實驗課程。研究結果顯示:(一)推論性問題引導課程對學童在推論理解測驗上的「指稱」、「精緻化」和「類比」推論有提升效果;至於自發性產出的推論量與質上,在「指稱」和「摘取大意」部分也有增進效果。(二)推論性問題引導課程也有助於提升學童的閱讀理解能力。研究者也根據研究結果對國小教學提出應用上的建議。
This study aims to investigate the effects of an inferential question discussion program on inferential comprehension and reading comprehension of fourth grade students. A quasi-experimental design was adopted. The participants were 71 fourth graders selected from two classes of an elementary school in Keelung County. There were 36 students in the experimental group and 35 students in the control group. The experimental group was treated with the inferential question discussion program, while the control group did not receive any experimental treatment. The results showed that the inferential question discussion program significantly improved students’ inferential comprehension performance on takes of referential, elaborative, and analogical inference in the Inferential Comprehension Test. Regarding the spontaneous inferences, the training program significantly increased the quantity and quality of students’ spontaneous inferences on the aspects of referential inference and summarization. The training program also effectively improved students’ reading comprehension performance. Instructional application and future research were discussed.
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