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Title: 害羞的內隱與外顯測量
Other Titles: Implicot and Explicit Measures of Shyness
Authors: 周泰安
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以「雙重分離」的研究設計來探究害羞的內隱與外顯建構。預備性研究進行害羞與非害羞詞彙的篩選,透過評定的程序,篩選出各10個害羞與非害羞詞彙以供後續IAT害羞測量使用。正式研究則進行IAT害羞測量、外顯害羞測量與行為觀察,並探究社會期許在內隱與外顯害羞測量上所扮演的角色。結果發現:IAT害羞測量與外顯害羞量表以及社會期許量表中自我欺騙、印象整飾分量表均無相關存在,顯示華人與西方文化成人受試者在外顯害羞特質表上都會受到社會期許的影響,而IAT害羞測量都能避免社會期許的影響。此外,在害羞行為觀察方面則發現,IAT害羞分數與受試者無意識的害羞行為(如:臉的調整動作)有顯著的正相關,而外顯害羞測量則和有意識且能控制的害羞行為(例如:笑的行為)有顯著正相關存在。由此支持了內隱與外顯測量分別測到害羞的不同建構。
The main purposes of this research was to investigate the shyness of implicit and explicit measures of shyness using a double dissociation design. In the pilot study, 10 shyness and non-shyness words were chosen respectively through evaluative procedures, which were for subsequent implicit association test (IAT) of shyness. In the main study, we aims to assess the explicit shyness, implicit shyness, and shy behaviors, and explored the role of social desirability in implicit and explicit measures of the shyness. The results suggested that shyness IAT is unrelated to the explicit shyness measure and the social desirability scale. It means that IAT is not avoid the being influenced by social desirability, and were affected the same way on Chinese and Western participants. Moreover, that shyness IAT and explicit shyness are two different constructs. With regard to the shy behaviors, results suggested it show that the IAT of shyness effect is significantly correlated to unconscious and automatic shy behaviors (implicit behaviors) of the participants (such as face adaptors), whereas explicit shyness assessment is significantly correlated to conscious and controlled shy behaviors (explicit behaviors, such as smiling). These results support that the shyness constructs in explicit and implicit assessments are different.
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