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Title: 探究想像力的意涵與特徵一探索性與驗證性因素分析之發現
Other Titles: Meaning and Characteristics of Imagination: Findings from Exploratory Factor Analysis and ConfIrmatory Factor Analysis
Authors: 許育齡
Chao-Yun Liang
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的在釐清想像力的意涵與能力特徵'並進一步控情與驗證再造性與創造性想像的理論漢型。本研究首先分析整理1960-2011 年間與想像力研究相闋的文獻,釐清想像力的內溺與可能面向,接茗,針對兩個教育領域樣本,共計782 名受讀Ij者調查所得,進行探索性與驗證性因素分析,研究結果印證了「想像力雙因素運作模型」為適切的理論模型。亦即想像力可區分為「創造性想像力j (creative imagination) 與「再造性想像力j (reproductive imagination) :創造性想像力之能力特徵包括:探索力、直覺力、感受力、新穎力、專注力、生產力;再造性想像力則包括:具象力、辯證力、串串用力、有效力﹒兩者於學習者而言有所差異,然仍具備一定程度之相關﹒本研究最後針對研究結果,導出想、{象力進一步研究的理論議題與建議。預期透過能力特徵的引導,進一步帶動領域研究之創新,亦帶動質言登研究之進行,創新學理運用與質務延展的新風貌。
This study aimed to clarify the meaning and characteristics of imagination, and further construct and confiml the theoretical model of productive and creative imagination. In order to clarify the meaning of imagination and identify its potential characteristics, we first reviewed the literature on imagination between 1960 and 2011 , Next, we surveyed two samples consisting of 782 participators, and perfomled exploratory factor analysis and confinnatory factor analysis on the data. As a result two dimensions and 10 characteristics of imagination were emtracted from the data. The first dimension was named creative imagination. including the characteristics of exploration, intuition , sensibility, novelty, concentration , and productiviry. The second dimension was named reproductive imagination. including the characteristics of crystallization, dialectics, effectiveness. and transfonnation. The two dimensions show discriminative validity as well as a certain level of correlation. Finally, suggestions for the future research were proposed
Other Identifiers: 6290018C-A146-73E6-A0BD-7E8FA28611CC
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