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Title: 合作金庫棒球隊發展史
The History of Taiwan Cooperative Bank Baseball Team
Authors: 林伯修
Lin, Po-Hsiu
Chang, Hsin-Yu
Keywords: 合作金庫銀行
Taiwan Cooperative Bank
baseball team
adult baseball
baseball history
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究採用個案研究法與歷史研究法,探究合作金庫棒球隊自 1948 年創立以來, 在臺灣的棒球環境與經濟金融等因素的變遷之下,對棒球隊的影響與發展歷程。透過 蒐集臺灣棒球與合作金庫相關文獻、合庫棒球隊相關新聞資料,並訪談合作金庫棒球 隊歷任教練,以及一位熟知合庫棒球隊歷史的中華民國棒球協會幹部,綜合劃定與描 述合庫棒球隊的發展歷程,分別是戰後 1945 年合庫棒球隊草創期、1970 至 1980 年代 合庫棒球隊穩定期、1990 至 2000 年代危機四伏期,以及 2009 年振興棒球計畫後的合 庫棒球隊,來做為本研究分析合作金庫棒球隊發展史之章節劃分。研究結果顯示,合 庫棒球隊自成立以來協助棒球協會的運作、基層棒球的推廣,並深耕於甲組成棒且克 服職棒成立的衝擊以及解散危機。同時,合作金庫對於旗下運動代表隊升遷、退役制 度相當成熟,硬體設備亦相當完善,提供給合庫棒球隊完好的訓練環境,使合庫棒球 隊至今能夠保有優勢吸引優秀選手,持續在臺灣棒壇屹立不搖。
The history of Taiwan Cooperative Bank (TCB) Baseball Team has been studied by the method of case study and historical research since its establishment in 1948. To explore the influence and development process of the baseball team under the changes of the baseball environment and economic and financial factors in Taiwan. Based on the collection of Taiwanese baseball and TCB documents, and related news, and also interviews with the past and current coaches of the TCB Baseball team, and a cadre of the Chinese Taipei Baseball Association who is familiar with the history of the TCB baseball team, the development history of the TCB baseball team has been divided into four stages as chapters in the thesis: 1. Beginning Stage of TCB Baseball Team in the post-war period (1945), 2. Norming Stage (1970s-1980s), 3. Challenging Stage (1990s-2000s), and 4. A post-plan for rejuvenation of the baseball industry in Taiwan. According to the research, it reveals that the establishment of TCB Baseball Team has assisted the operation of the baseball association and the promotion of baseball in Taiwan. TCB also deeply cultivated in Taiwan's First Division amateur baseball league, and had overcome the impact of the establishment of Chinese Professional Baseball League and the crisis of dissolution. The promotion and retirement systems of its sports teams are quite mature, and the hardware equipment is also quite complete, providing a perfect training environment for TCB Baseball Team. These advantages enable TCB Baseball Team to attract excellent players and strongly stand still until now.
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