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Title: 旅行社與目的地旅遊平台之競合研究
A Study on Co-opetition Relationship between Travel Agencies and Destination Tours and Activities Platforms
Authors: 王國欽
Wang, Kuo-Ching
Chen, Mei-Yen
Yu, Ya-Chi
Keywords: 旅遊元件碎片化
travel trend
tour agency
travel element
travel APP
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 全球觀光旅遊產業市場持續成長,資訊與科技的進步、行動裝置普及,逐漸改變消費者觀光旅遊行為。自由行與智慧旅遊逐漸成為主流,而旅遊產品也朝向主題化、深度 化,為了更彈性自主地安排行程,偏好將旅遊元件分開購買,形成旅遊元件碎片化之趨 勢並且偏好於網路與手機 APP 進行旅遊產品的購買,而此一趨勢也影響實體旅行社之發展。由於自由行與行動裝置普及的趨勢使得全球化旅遊元件的需求,目的地旅遊平台 因而快速崛起,如亞洲的 KKday 和 Klook。因此本研究之研究目的為探討旅遊元件碎片化下之實體旅行社與目的地旅遊平台的行銷經營方式以及雙方之間的競合關係,以競合理論為依據,透過質性半結構式訪談了解國內四家旅行社業者:雄獅旅遊、易遊網、 KKday 酷遊及 Klook 客路之經營模式發展與競合關係,並且亦透過量化問卷方式了解消費者在旅行社提供之旅遊元件與 APP 上操作的消費滿意度。 本研究發現由於旅遊元件碎片化趨勢所影響,業者均在產品元件上努力深耕,並且根據其企業之目標與客層,設計獨特之產品,以提升其企業競爭力,而在不同旅行社之間同時存在競合關係,如同競 合理論所提及,未存在永遠的競爭者,業者需要透過合作壯大旅遊業這塊大餅。量化研究收集277份有效問卷中也發現,多數使用旅行社APP之旅客皆對於業者所提供之APP 具有正向的消費滿意度,顯現業者在服務的提供與消費者的服務感受度無太大落差,此外透過問卷也發現消費族群篇年輕,且透過多種管道進行旅遊元件之購買,此外也發現 消費者對於旅行社未來之期待有特色遊程、客製化產品、即時服務。本研究建議未來旅 行社可針對旅遊元件之整合進行努力,期以提供旅客更便利之服務與旅遊體驗。
The global tourism industry market continues to grow. With the advancement of information and technology, the popularization of mobile devices and the convenience of getting information, gradually change consumers' tourism behavior. Influenced by the digitalization and mobility of tourism, independent travel and smart tourism have become the trends, and the trend of tourism products also become thematic and in-depth. In order to arrange the itinerary easily and independently, people tend to buy travel products separately and this is the phenomenon we called fragmentation. However, this trend also affects the development of travel agencies, the purpose of this study is to: (1) Clarify the trend and characteristics of fragmentation of travel elements; (2) Analyze the co-opetition relationship between four travel agencies in the face of the trend of fragmentation of travel elements. This study used in-depth interview and questionnaire to find out the new travel trend. We chose travel agency Lion Travel of Taiwan, online travel agency EZtravel and destination tours and activities platforms KKday and Klook as our research objects. The research results show that travel agencies have tried hard to manage their product resources as known as travel elements to enhance their competitiveness. The main relationship between travel agencies is co-opetition. For any travel agencies, there are no absolute competitors or partners in tourism industry. It's good to see the balance in the fierce industry. From the customer aspect, they feel great on using the travel application. It means the service travel agency provide meets the need of customer. Moreover, from the feedback of the respondents, distinguishing itinerary, customized travel products and instant service are the service they expect. Therefore, travel agents should work hard to consolidate the resources they have to provide more competitive service.
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