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Title: 臺北市五星級飯店Buffet服務品質與品牌形象之研究
A Research on the Service Quality and Brand Image of Taipei’s Five-star Hotel Buffet
Authors: 程瑞福
Chen, Jui-Fu
Huang, Kai-Ting
Keywords: 五星級飯店
five-star hotel
service quality
brand image
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 近年來由於臺灣政治經濟的穩定繁榮,加上臺灣人傳統固有的「民以食為天」思想,讓餐飲產業在臺灣欣欣向榮,創造了令舉世讚嘆的「臺灣〜美食天堂」之美好光環,但隨著餐飲產業的蓬勃發展,相對也帶來了業界間的激烈競爭,各家業者莫不努力思考經營之方,不斷提昇服務品質,並建立優良的品牌形象,以期能在餐飲業中出類拔萃、締造佳績。本研究藉由文獻探討以及問卷調查的方法,以曾經到臺北市五星級飯店 Buffet用餐過的消費者為對象,採用量化統計之研究方法,收集有效問卷共591份,並運用SPSS 23.0統計軟體來進行資料處理與分析,經由信效度分析、敘述性分析、t考驗、單因子變異數分析、相關分析等方式,得出結果闡述如下。 一、臺北市五星級飯店Buffet消費者以區域性及中高收入為主要客群。 二、臺北市五星級飯店Buffet消費者對服務品質與品牌形象有高度的認同。 三、臺北市五星級飯店Buffet服務品質與品牌形象有正向的相關。 四、臺北市五星級飯店Buffet不同背景特性在服務品質與品牌形象有顯著的差異。
In recent years, Taiwanese people’s inherent fascination with food, nurtured by the island’s political stability and economic prosperity, has turbocharged the domestic catering industry and thus established the island state’s worldwide fame as a gourmet destination. As a consequence, the intensified competition among enterprises drive them to optimize managerial strategies, perfect service qualities, excellent brand images, and be at the top of their field. On the basis of recent scholarships and survey analysis, this quantitative research has investigated customers who have dined at Taipei’s five-star hotel buffet and applied SPSS 23.0 to process a total of 591 valid questionnaires, with the aid of reliability and validity analysis, descriptive analysis, t-test, one-way ANOVA, as well as correlation analysis. The results go as follows. 1.The major consumers of five-star hotel buffet in Taipei are middle-income and high-income customers in the regional market. 2.The consumers have high recognition on perfect service qualities and excellent brand images of five-star hotel buffet in Taipei. 3.There is a positive correlation between service qualities and brand images of five-star hotel buffet in Taipei. 4.Different background characteristics exist conspicuous differences when it comes to the service qualities and brand images of five-star hotel buffet in Taipei.
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