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Title: 探討Yahoo TV運動直播觀看者之社會心理因素與觀看者互動/投入之影響
Impact of Social Motivations of Live-streaming Viewer Engagement on Yahoo TV Sports Live Video Streaming Programs
Authors: 方進義
Fang, Chin-Yi
Hsu, Ching-Hua
Keywords: 網路直播
Live Streaming
Sport Event
Social Media
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 直播技術因突破以往「大眾僅能單方面地接受傳播媒體資訊,轉變成能夠與直播主和其他觀看者進行即時的進行雙向互動、甚至可讓觀看者評論改變製播內容的可能」而廣受青睞,並在社會各產業領域中蔚為風行。舉凡社交互動、才藝表演、遊戲攻略、美妝教學、演唱會轉播、產品發表會、體育賽會轉播、教育講座…等企劃,皆可以網路直播作為活動行銷工具。經濟部統計處2018年公告運動產業為臺灣持續成長的產業,過去研究指出現代人多傾向以手機等行動裝置查詢運動賽會訊息,故把握風靡全球的運動產業並結合直播應用之趨勢,為今日重要的產業論壇議題。本研究以「使用與滿足理論」為研究基礎,探討臺灣民眾使用Yahoo TV觀看運動賽事轉播之動機因素以及與平台上其他使用者互動程度之關聯。本研究以過去文獻問卷內容為基礎,以立意抽樣法於Facebook、LINE、批踢踢實業坊 (PTT) 棒球版、Instagram發放網路問卷,總共發放621份網路問卷,回收有效問卷422份,有效問卷回收率68%,並以結構方程模型 (AMOS 24.0) 與SPSS 23.0分析結果,得出臺灣民眾使用Yahoo TV觀看運動賽會的主要影響因素為「社會互動」、「社群認同」、「外部支持」,然而「娛樂尋求」、「資訊尋求」、「認識新朋友」於本研究中並未獲得正向顯著之影響。故建議Yahoo TV平台管理者在未來的營運方面,可再針對部分功能進行平台優化,以增加直播節目的觀看成長率並為平台建立長久穩定的使用人次。
Live streaming has become popular in recent years since it enables users to interact and communicate with others simultaneously, which results in it being a powerful tool to broadcast events in a variety of different industries. According to the statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (2018), sports manufacturing is one of the growing sectors in Taiwan in recent years. From this perspective, the state-of-the-art live streaming adoption for sports events broadcasting will be the current trend. This study adapted Uses and Gratification Theory to identify the viewers’ psychological motivation for choosing Yahoo TV to watch live sports streaming. The questionnaire had been distributed on Facebook, LINE, PTT, and Instagram. The research delivered 621 questionnaires and had collected 422 valid questionnaires in total. The valid data were analyzed through Structural Equation Modeling (AMOS 24.0) and SPSS 23.0. This study showed that factors of social interaction, social recognition, and external support had had a significantly positive effect on viewer engagement. Interestingly, information seeking, entertainment seeking, and meeting new friends, on the other hand, did not play the leading role in viewer engagement in this study. It is suggested that Yahoo TV managers pay more attention to the measures that could empower positive connection to users from the perspective of platform function in order to build an enormous amount of viewing rates and to grow its viewer base in the long term.
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