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Title: 探討再購顧客之蛋糕感官品評分析-以A咖啡館為例
The study of repurchasing customers'sensory evaluation of cakes in A Café
Authors: 李晶
Li, Ching
Lee, Chia-Ying
Keywords: 咖啡館
coffee shop
repurchase intention
sensory evaluation of food
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   本研究目的旨在探討再購顧客之蛋糕感官品評分析,訪談日期為2020年1月15日至2020年1月27日,訪談對象限為在A咖啡館購買過同款蛋糕2次 (含) 以上的顧客,共42位受訪者。研究方法採用文獻分析法及檔案分析法蒐集相關文獻;接著透過結構式訪談,將訪談內容編碼歸類分析。研究結論分為四項:(一) 再購顧客之蛋糕感官品評結果,比重分別為配方制定與技術36.52%、產品內部品質30.28%、產品外觀品質20.13%、工作態度與衛生習慣5.34%、創意0.9%及其他6.83%。(二) 針對商業營運、技能檢定及競賽活動等,不同用途之蛋糕感官品評結果不同。(三) 不同蛋糕種類影響再購顧客之感官品評結果,三者皆最為重視「配方制定與操作技術」,此項目為再購顧客購買關鍵,亦為蛋糕研發與製作成品的核心;其次相較之下,麵糊類蛋糕的再購顧客更看重「產品內部品質」;乳沫類及戚風類蛋糕的再購顧客則除了「產品內部品質」,亦相當看重「產品外觀品質」。(四) 蛋糕的製作流程依不同原料比例、攪拌及烤焙方式會分別影響不同的感官品評項目;而不同種類的蛋糕可因應在不同的製作流程其影響的感官品評,貼近再購顧客之喜好,進而符合品評項目與指標,達到維持再購顧客之目的。實務建議:(一) 根據再購顧客所喜好的蛋糕,依不同種類及其感官品評比重,進行產品創新研發與製作。(二) 著重蛋糕產品內部品質,同時注意產品外觀品質呈現並說明食材安全性。
The study aimed to discuss repurchasing customers’ sensory evaluation of cakes. The interview was conducted from January 15 to January 27, 2020. 42 participants of this study were customers who have repurchased same type of cakes twice or more at Arukinomoli Cafe in Taipei City, Taiwan. The study adopted literature analysis and documentary analysis to collect related literature. Structural interview and observational method were applied to compile and analyze the content of interview. The results show that (1) the proportion of repurchasing customers’ sensory evaluation is 36.52% of formulation and technology, 30.28% of internal quality, 20.13% of appearance quality, 5.34% of working attitude and hygiene habits, 0.9% creativity, and 6.83% of others; (2) in light of commercial operation, technical assessment and competition, the sensory evaluations are different among different cakes; (3) cake categories will influence repurchasing customers’ sensory evaluation, especially the formation and technology are valued; specifically, the internal quality of batter-typed cakes, the internal quality and appearance quality of foam-typed cakes and chiffon-typed cakes are reasons effecting repurchasing customers’ purchase; (4) varied making process of different cakes will influence sensory evaluation, which will be in line with customer’s preference, evaluation items and indices. The study provides two practical suggestions: (1) developing and producing products based on repurchasing customers’ cake preferences and its sensory evaluation proportion; (2) emphasizing the display of cakes’ appearance quality and indicate the safety of ingredients.
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