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Title: 少量感測元件不同擺放位置對扁平足步態動力學參數量測準確度之影響
Accuracy of measuring flatfoot gait kinetic parameters of different pressure sensor positions
Authors: 相子元
Shiang, Tzyy-Yuang
Lee, Ping-Hung
Keywords: 鞋內足壓系統
plantar pressure system
vertical ground reaction force
center of pressure
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究欲探討少量感測元件不同擺放位置對於量測扁平足之足底壓力中心 (CoP) 以及垂直地面反作用力 (vGRF) 準確度之相關性程度為何。招募12名扁平足的受試者進行指定速度之慢走、快走、慢跑及快跑。以 Pedar-X system 紀錄試驗中穩定走跑的足底壓力值。以11個壓力感測元件組成的4種擺放位置 (配置一為過去文獻配置、配置二為平均陣列配置、配置三為扁平足CoP軌跡上、配置四為扁平足CoP軌跡兩側)。利用皮爾森相關係數 (PCC) 及方均根誤差 (RMSE) 比較4種擺放位置與黃金標準之CoP軌跡及vGRF的相關性。結果顯示各配置所量測之CoP軌跡與黃金標準相關性皆達顯著且高度相關,感測元件以較平均且範圍較大的擺放位置所預測CoP之RMSE與黃金標準相比誤差較低;各配置所量測之vGRF與黃金標準相關性也皆達顯著且高度相關。本研究結果可以提供鞋墊式足壓系統開發相關之應用,透過擺放位置的選擇即可準確的量測到扁平足CoP及vGRF這兩項步態動力學參數。
The purpose of this study is to define the accuracy of how few pressure sensors’ position effects the center of pressure (CoP) and vertical ground reaction force (vGRF) for a flat foot. Twelve males with flat foot walk and run at selected speed. Settled with eleven pressure sensors, the pressure value of stable walking and running test is recorded by Pedar-X system four positions (the first position is referring to the past literature ; the second position is average array; the third position is flat-footed CoP trajectory and the fourth position is on both sides of the flat-footed CoP trajectory), which are compared with golden standard for CoP trajectories and vGRF by Pearson’s correlation coefficient (PCC) and root mean square error (RMSE). According to the results, the CoP trajectory has the higher correlation at the fourth position, the RMSE of CoP has the lower deviation at the second position, and the vGRF has the higher correlation at the first and second position. The result of this study can provide applications related to the development of insole plantar pressure system. The flatfoot gait kinetic parameters of CoP and vGRF can be accurately measured through the choice of sensor position.  
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