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Title: 高級中等學校跆拳道運動代表隊經營策略之研究
The Study on the Management Strategies of a Taekwondo Senior High School Team
Authors: 李建興
Lee, Chien-Shing
Lee, Chia-Jung
Cheng, Yi-Tung
Keywords: 跆拳道
sport team
case study
management strategies
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 高中是培訓優秀選手的關鍵階段,研究個案為國內跆拳道發展的重點學校之一,締造跆拳道校隊在全中運高女團體組六連霸的紀錄,近十年內三度榮獲高中男、女組雙料團體冠軍,且培育許多優秀青少年國手。本研究目的為瞭解我國高中常勝之跆拳道運動代表隊的經營策略與訓練模式,透過整理分析其運作情形,釐清個案關鍵成功因素之訓練模式與校隊行政運作,提供相關運動團隊發展參考。研究方法是透過半結構式訪談、參與觀察、文件蒐集來進行質性資料分析,彙整發展策略。研究發現:一、基於國家政策支持,此代表隊2000年成立後,有效整合教練專業、學校行政組織、家長後援會、桃園市跆拳道委員會等各方資源大力配合而充足經費,其中教練用心訓練和校長支持推動與選手積極求勝,是造就優異成績的主要關鍵。二、每年招收以桃園市為主的國中體育班跆拳道專長學生,篩選具有競爭和未來發展性的選手,經教練強化肌力體能、精進技術與得守分能力的訓練,奠定良好實力而有卓越表現。
High school range is a key stage for training outstanding athletes. The study case is one of the key schools for the development of Taekwondo in Taiwan. It has created a record for the Taekwondo school team in the National High School Women’s Team for six consecutive championships, moreover, and simultaneously won the double team champion of High School Men’s and Women’s respective range three times in the past ten years. It really cultivates many outstanding young national players. The purpose of this research is to understand the management strategy and training mode of the Taekwondo sports team that has always won in high schools in our country, and to clarify the training mode of the key success factors of the case, and the administrative operation of the school team through analysis of its operation, and also to provide references for the development of related sports teams. The research method is to conduct qualitative research analysis through semi-structured interviews, participating observations, and document collection to compile development strategies. The research found that: 1. Based on national policy support, after the establishment of this team in 2000, the team effectively integrated the coaching profession, school administrative organization, parent support club, Taoyuan City Taekwondo Committee and other resources with strong cooperation and sufficient funds. Among above conditions, coaches’ commitment, the principal's aggressive support and the players' active attitude to the victory are the major successful factors to achieving excellent results. 2. Every year, students who specialize in taekwondo in the high school physical education class in Taoyuan City are recruited to select competitive and future-developing players. The coaches will strengthen their muscles and physical fitness, improve their skills, and have the ability to score points to establish good strength and excellent performance.
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