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Title: 早餐吃什麼?戰後臺灣早餐店的風起雲湧
The Taste of Taiwanese Breakfast After World War II
Authors: 陳志豪
Chen, Chih-Hao
Melvin Sia Kee Siong
Keywords: 早餐
breakfast shops
US aid
fast food shops
convenience store
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 走在臺灣街頭,早餐店隨處可見, 2018年連鎖早餐店的數量已達11,542間,更是超越了便利商店的數量。可以說,吃早餐已經形成一種臺灣獨特的飲食樣態。事實上,在70年前的臺灣社會,並無滿街的早餐店,早餐的類型也多以稀飯、蕃薯等為主,直到1949年後,大批外省人遷入臺灣,帶來了中國大江南北的飲食習慣,不同的美食在臺灣紮根延續,參雜了點臺味,成了本省和外省飲食融合的起點,也讓早餐更加多元化。所以本文的討論將以1949年為起點,探討戰後臺灣社會早餐類型的變化。並分別針對(一)1950年代美援與國家政策,對於包子、饅頭與蛋餅等早餐食物類型的影響。(二)營養政策對於麵包、牛奶早餐類型的影響。(三)戰後經濟發展對於早餐外食習慣的影響。(四)美而美等台式早餐店的崛起,取代了傳統的中式早餐。(五)連鎖速食店與便利商店對於早餐類型的影響。(六)近年來飲食的視覺化與早餐類型的變化。透過以上各主題,說明臺灣獨有的早餐文化如何演變至今。
Walking on the streets of Taiwan, breakfast shops can be seen everywhere. In 2018, the number of chain breakfast shops reached 11,542, more than the number of convenience stores. It can be said that eating breakfast has formed a unique Taiwanese dietary pattern. In fact, in Taiwanese society 70 years ago, there were less breakfast shops on the streets, and the types of breakfast were mostly porridge and sweet potatoes. Until 1949, a large number of mainlanders moved to Taiwan, which bringing China's different eating habits and different cuisines to the island, and mixed with Taiwanese flavors and here comes the starting point for the fusion of foods in this province and other provinces, which also makes breakfast more diverse. Therefore, the discussion in this article will start from 1949 to explore the changes in the types of breakfast in Taiwanese society after the world war II. It also focuses on (1) the impact of US aid and national policies in the 1950s on breakfast food types such as buns, steamed buns, and quiches. (B) the impact of nutrition policies on bread and milk breakfast types. (3) The impact of post-war economic development on breakfast eating habits. (4) The rise of Taiwanese breakfast shop has replaced traditional Chinese breakfast. (5) The influence of fast food chains and convenience stores on breakfast types. (6) The visualization of diet and changes in breakfast types in recent years. Through the above topics, explain how Taiwan's unique breakfast culture has evolved to this day.
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