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Title: 語速對英中逐步口譯筆記及準確度的影響
The Impact of Fast Speech Rate on Note-taking and Accuracy in E-C Consecutive Interpreting
Authors: 汝明麗
Ju, Ming-Li
Tai, You-An
Keywords: 逐步口譯
consecutive interpreting
fast speech rate
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討語速對於學生口譯員進行逐步口譯時的筆記策略與準確度 的影響。研究對象為二十名於翻譯研究所口譯組修習的學生口譯員(中文A、英文B),實驗內容為每位學生口譯員針對一篇中等語速與一篇快速語速的講者發言進行英進中逐步口譯,在實驗之後進行回溯訪談。綜合質性與量性分析,發現:(1) 學生口譯員在快速語速之下對比符號而言增加了語言的使用;減少了每命題 的分隔線數;減少了每命題的總筆記數量 (2) 學生口譯員在快速語速之下準確度分數較低 (3) 快速語速之下表現較好的十位學生口譯員所使用的分隔線數較多 (4) 學生口譯員應對快速語速而主動採取的策略主要為:專注在邏輯理解,以及減少筆記數量及筆畫。根據研究結果發現,學生口譯員在面對快速語速時,著重在聽懂原文邏輯關聯、篩選重要訊息,並將訊息之邏輯關聯反應於筆記上,將有助於口譯表現的提升。
This study aims to find out the impact of fast speech rate (FSR) on note-taking strategies and accuracy of student interpreters performing consecutive interpreting (CI). Twenty students studying in the interpreting track of graduate institutes of translation and interpretation were recruited to participate in a CI experiment and a retrospective interview. During the experiment, each participant interpreted a speech delivered at a slower speech rate, and one delivered at an FSR, both from English (their B language) to Chinese (their A language). The results of the quantitative and qualitative analyses reveal that: a) In the FSR setting, the student interpreters significantly wrote more language in the language/symbol ratio; fewer horizontal lines per proposition; and fewer total note units per proposition. b) In the FSR setting, the student interpreters significantly scored lower in the accuracy rating. c) The ten student interpreters who scored higher than the other half of the student interpreters in the FSR setting used more horizontal lines in their notes. d) The main strategies adopted by the student interpreters to deal with FSR were: focus on listening and understanding the logic and structure of the speech, and reduce note quantity and complexity. Based on the findings, this study concludes that a possible way for student interpreters to enhance CI performance in the event of FSR is to prioritize logic comprehension of the source speech, select important messages, and emphasize the relation between messages on notes.
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