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Title: 以物聯網打造智慧運動中心之研究
Research on Building Smart Sports Center with Internet of Things
Authors: 賴香菊
Lai, Hsiang-chu
Weng, Shu-Shao
Keywords: 大數據
Big Data
Customer Relationship Management
Internet of Things
Smart Sports Center
Sports Center Management
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究主要目的是探索如何利用物聯網技術收集必要的資訊,透過大數據分析,以期能夠改善運動中心的經營管理及顧客關係管理,藉以讓更多民眾願意持續運動,提升國民健康水準,並讓政府的投資獲得最大效益。本研究透過文獻蒐集、實際走訪運動中心、訪談運動中心經營管理者及簡單調查部分顧客意見,有幾個主要的研究發現。首先運動中心必須先確認其價值主張和目標客群,針對目標客群,要兌現其所提出的價值主張,運動中心必需面臨的三個環環相扣的管理議題,包含器材與場地管理、課程管理及顧客關係管理,為做好這些重要管理議題,必須透過物聯網技術收集相關數據,並及時進行相關數據分析,給予顧客客製化服務,方能打造一個能夠讓顧客滿意度高、造訪率高進而提升忠誠度的智慧型運動中心。
This research is to explore how to use the Internet of Things technology to collect the necessary information, through big data analysis, to improve the management and customer relationship management of the sports center. It will let more people be willing to keep exercise habit so as to improve the health and to improve the effectiveness of the government's investment. There are some major findings through literature collection, actual visits to sports centers, interviews with sports center managers and simple surveys of customer opinions in this study. First of all, the sports center must confirm its value proposition and target customers. To fulfill its value proposition for the target customers, the sports center must face three interlocking management issues, including equipment and venue management, courses management and customer relationship management. In order to solve all these important management issues, it must collect relevant data through the Internet of Things technology, perform relevant data analysis in a timely manner, and provide customers with customized services so as to improve customer satisfaction, retention rate, and hence the customer loyalty.
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