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Title: 臺灣行動支付是不可能的任務嗎?— 商業模式創新的看法
Is The Mission of Taiwan’s Mobile Payment Impossible?— A Perspective of Business Model Innovation
Authors: 何宗武
Ho, Tsung-Wu
Hsieh, Chia-Chen
Keywords: none
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 行動支付和信用卡是現金的替代品,如果不能創造一個新市場來大幅解決或改善一個既有的(制度)問題,而只是改變支付的方式,那臺灣的行動支付商業模式對臺灣的經濟和GDP可能並沒有幫助。臺灣的支付發展慢、市場小,獲得金融服務的成本低,經濟狀況相對安全穩定,所以在臺灣經濟成長過程中,行動支付產生的作用較多是錦上添花,而不是雪中送炭。 行動支付如果不涉及商業模式的制度創新,只是支付體系的多樣選擇,則對經濟成長的貢獻就不會太大。商業模式的制度創新指的是創造一個市場解決一個或多個問題,所以,行動支付的經濟問題,不在於其支付體系的角色,而在於其商業模式的的制度創新程度。PayPal或ApplePay在美國是一個支付體系選擇,不涉及商業模式的制度創新,因此其角色對美國經濟成長的幫助較小;但是M-PESA的採用,對肯亞經濟就有較多的幫助,乃至於PayPal對歐盟內的中小企業,都有行動支付不只是一個支付工具的經濟意義。
Mobile payment and credit cards are cash substitutes. If a new market cannot be created to resolve or improve the existing (system) problem significantly, but only to change the payment method, then the payment business of Taiwan ’s mobile model may not help here’s economy and GDP. The payment evolvement of Taiwan is slow, and the market is tiny, the cost of obtaining financial services is low, and the economic situation is relatively safe and stable. Therefore, in the process of Taiwan's economic growth, the effects of mobile payment more like the icing on the cake, but not helping a lame dog over a stile. If the mobile payment does not involve institutional innovation of the business model, just only a variety choices of payment system, then the contribution to economic growth won’t great. Institutional innovation of business model refers to the creation of a market to solve one or more issues. Therefore, the issue of mobile payment is not the role of payment system, but the degree of institutional innovation of its business model. PayPal or ApplePay is a choice of payment system in the United States, and does not involve into the institutional innovation of business model, so its role is less help for the US economy growing ; However, the adoption of M-PESA is more help to the Kenyan economy. Even PayPal has the economic significance of mobile payment not only as a payment tool for SMEs in the EU.
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