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Title: 跨國物流企業組織合併與服務模式改變之研究
A study of Organizational Merger and Change of Service Model on the Multinational Logistics Enterprises
Authors: 邱皓政
Chiou, Haw-Jeng
Wu, Chin-Lung
Keywords: 國際快遞
International Express
Express Market
Organizational Merger and Transformation
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 物流企業發展迅速,而且國際之間的競爭也非常激烈,合併是他們發展策略中的一種選項,但也帶來很多的問題。因此,本論文針對兩家知名國際快遞公司之合併後進行個案研究,特別針對廠站設施及人員合併模式之相關成立費用及操作作業方式與服務品質在客戶需求上做實務探討。 本研究方法採實證個案的資料分析,探討兩家個案公司在台灣的併站營運模式與各部門管理團隊所負責的工作領域的訪談為例做佐證,以求得廠站設施及人員在合併後,操作成本、作業方式與服務品質間的綜合參考與決策模式。 訪談結果發現,組織不僅可以依靠有見識的經營者或創新的獨特策略來融合變革成功,而且還必須依靠內部組織各階層人員的合作,再加上外部因素(例如合作夥伴)的支持,才可以創造出獨特的新競爭優勢,然後達到順利成功合併的目標。 本研究的結論是組織變革的關鍵成功因素通常與各級人員有關,例如公司高階主管經營者,專業的專案小組以及全體員工,甚至合作夥伴,都有著千絲萬縷的聯繫。所以組織變革,公司主管部門必須具有良好的財務基礎,以及高階主管也願意積極參與變革行動,並且選擇一個經驗豐富的優秀合併變革專案團隊進行計劃,再來員工願意接受組織的合併和改革行動,最後公司的高階主管經營者支持整個合併變革行動都是變革成功重要因素。本文亦可以做為其他國際物流企業組織合併與變革之參考。
Logistics companies are developing rapidly, and international competition is also very fierce. Therefore, enterprise Merger is an option in their development strategy, but it also brings a lot of problems. Therefore, this thesis conducts a case study on the merger of two well-known international express companies, and specifically discusses the related establishment costs, operation methods and service quality of plant and station facilities and employees consolidation models on customer needs. The research method uses content analysis of empirical cases to discuss the process of the merger operation mode of two companies in Taiwan and the interviews of the work areas responsible for the management teams of various departments as an example, in order to obtain plant facilities and employees after the merger. A comprehensive reference and decision-making model between operating costs, operating methods and service quality. So organizational change, the company's competent department must have a good financial foundation, and senior executives are also willing to actively participate in the change action, and choose an experienced and excellent merger change project team to plan, and then employees are willing to accept the organization's merger and reform actions In the end, the company's senior executives support the entire merger change action is an important factor for the success of the change. This article can also be used as a reference for the merger and transformation of other international logistics companies.
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